Today my son Michael and I are braving the stores for some last-minute shawpin’. I’m totally lookin’ forward to this since he and I get to spend so little time together. He’s a rilly fun kinda’ guy and it promises to be a rilly good time.

‘Til then, if you’re out and about today, best of luck to you 😉

4 responses to “SHAWPIN’ WIT DA KID

  1. I hope you had a great time. Thanks for the card by the way, it was great. ‘course I had to explain to my wife who the heck it was from, but other than that! 😉

  2. Holy Rip, where has he been! Will he be joining us for Christmas!?

  3. Jeff: We did, laughed all day and even got some shawpin done.
    Please tell me you’re joking about the card!

    Bu: He’ll tell you he was “living the dream,” if you ask him. And yes, he’ll be at Gram’s tomorrow.

  4. Kidding in the way you might be thinking, but she was curious who the heck it was! 🙂

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