Sit down here on my knee.

I’m not flirting with you.  I don’t have time for that.  And I’m also not fishing to find out what I can buy you for Christmas.  I just want to know what you might like to find under your tree on Christmas morning.  You needn’t be philosophical or idealistic or all humble-like.  Just tell us what would make you happy.

Me? Besides a big ol’ stack of iTunes gift cards, you mean?  I can’t think of anything.  But I’ll come back and post if I do.  Poor PD, shopping for me must be a treat, huh.

Oh, by the way, Santa reads here.

14 responses to “GIMME THE MOON

  1. I want a full body massage. My feet and back are aching terribly. I am too young to feel this way. DAMMIT!

  2. gee, that is a good question. part of me wants to take the high road and say “world peace!”, or “stop the war for the love of god!”

    but i think i’d be happy with an itunes gift card too, and food. i’m way too easy aren’t i?

  3. And a kidney stone zapper!

  4. My husband (who has been working out of town since September) to be able to move back home, instead of having weekend visits.

  5. I picked a selfish time to start commenting again!

    I want $20 extra per month to maintain HD programming so I can get HD through my DishNetwork account.

  6. the itune…i mean world peace sounds great. or endless groceries would sure help!

    best wishes.

  7. Boy this is a toughy.
    I too, would like to take the high road and say “world peace”. But my personal perspectives on what that would actually entail make me shiver.
    A part of me would like to have some “new toys” – a PS3 and a bunch of games for it, a new computer, an MP3 player, and other such stuff.
    Another part of me would like to see more “money” in my paychecks, or “fewer bills” to pay
    But there’s another part of me that feels quite lonely at this time of year. And that part of me would say “The girl of my dreams”. I think that one more than any of the others since everything else might fall into place if I had someone to share my life with.

  8. Lori: I really feel for you. But you are way younger than me so shut up.
    I’m Kidding! Merry Christmas and I hope your wish comes true!

    Piglet: You, easy? I never thought of you that way. Even tho’ I often know what you’re going to say before you say it. Santa says he’s checking his list. Again. 😉 xo

    Ju: I already shopped for you 😦 Teach Mads to clean and I’ll say prayers for the other.

    Natalie: It’s sad to say this but I know a lot of women who are asking for what you have (absent hubby) for Christmas. I wish him a speedy trip home to you. You’ll enjoy each other more.

    Mark: I encourage selfishness in my readership. And gluttony, pride, all that stuff. Makes me feel a part of something. Oh yeah, and sarcasm…
    You haven’t been commenting? 😉 Of course you’ve been missed. Hope you get what you wish for and Merry Christmas to you and Shan and Ben.

    Oh, Jeff, what kindred spirits are we. I fervently hope you get your wish.

    Dan: I wish you all that and more. And a Really Great New Year. Thanks 🙂

    M+: There’s a lucky lady right around the next corner lookin’ for a smart guy with a big heart. I know it. I told Santa about the other stuff, too 😉

  9. Thank you Linda. Merry Christmas to you and yours. Say hi to JuJu and tell her I miss her updates.

  10. Thanks for the compliment. I believe you, and hope to find her very soon.

  11. I too, would love to find my husband under the tree. He is on a business trip through the holidays so I am left to shop for myself today to see what really will be under the tree….haha.

  12. Lori: Will do.

    M+: You will.

    Mishka: Aw, you make me wanna cry. Wish you the Best and hope you get yourself something Really Great.

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