Dear Somebody,

Evidently you have admired the beautiful Christmas tree that we proudly display this time of year in our front yard for passersby to enjoy. It’s a lovely white tree, about six feet tall adorned with tiny twinkle lights in the most beautiful shade of blue. It’s not a vivid blue but a soft Caribbean blue. It was so out-of-the ordinary, that several years ago when PD and I spied it, we decided we had to have the thing. That same year we bought a bunch of blue outside decorations hoping that our house would look extra special pretty for Christmas. That tree was the focal point of our outside decorations. I can’t tell you how many people have approached me and expressed how beautiful they thought our tree was. Or, upon finding out where I live, would say, “Oh, you have that beautiful blue tree in your yard!”

This year when we unpacked the tree, arranged the branches and placed it near our front porch steps, we were disappointed to see that all the lights on several branches had burned out. PD painstakingly tested all the unlit lights one by one until he found a broken receptacle and repaired it. We fixed a couple of branches that were saggy and it looked like new and we only had a few sore and frozen fingers to deal with.

Now today we find that sometime during the night you tromped across our front yard, cut the tether ropes, pulled the stakes out of the frozen ground (not sure why you felt the need to do both) and cut through the tape that PD wound carefully around the plug into the extension cord to keep the connection dry and safe. And you took the tree. Our beautiful blue Christmas tree. Oh, yeah, and a great big chunk of our faith in humanity. I still can’t get my head wrapped around what might be wrong with a person who would steal a Christmas tree from someone’s front yard.

I guess you needed it more than we did.

Of course I know you’re not reading this and I’m not sure why I’m even taking the time to write this. I guess I was hoping for some kind of revelation or something to help me understand this. I’m not getting it still… If by some freak chance you were reading this, I’d just ask you to return it. PD and I would appreciate it.

Linda & PD

14 responses to “I DON’T GET IT

  1. That totally sucks! The one bonus is that it is so unique the dirty person will have to keep it well hidden so that they are not discovered! Kind of seems like a waste, I bet they didn’t think about that!

  2. PS I’ll be on the look out!

  3. That was a great tree. Some people are assholes.

  4. Natalie: Thanks Sweet. I could totally identify it, I think I know each branch personally. Don’t expect to ever have the chance to (identify it) tho’.
    Hey, got to “have lunch” with your mom today. Doesn’t she look great??? I think her “new life” totally agrees with her. I miss her a lot.

    Hazel: T’was and Th’are.

  5. People who steal tend to be a bit on the dim side. Locally, someone stole a handmade Christmas scene from someones yard. The person made it himself, there are none like it. Everyone has seen the decorations and knows what they look like. The dork who stole them will have to lock them away somewhere where no one can see them since they are unique.

    I hope you find your tree and whoever stole it gets busted!

  6. Well now, isn’t that just the spirit of Christmas. It was probably taken by the same folks who steal from the poor boxes at church.

    How much pleasure can you get from a stolen tree?

    So sorry that had to happen.

  7. Of course we don’t “get it”. None of us possess the criminal mind. To think that anyone could be so despicably selfish is beyond our ability to grasp. And yet, there they are.
    I hope they find this loser and… well, I can’t say what I’d like to see done to him/her. It wouldn’t be very Christmasy of me.

  8. sweet jesus of Bethlehem!

    twisted and sick folks you got over yonder your way.

    they are poopieheads and if they are reading, don’t be surprised one day when someone pops a cap in your a#$.

  9. WOW!! Major Bummer!!! I think I know your taste in decor and KNOW that it had to be a beautiful tree. I hope the person / people who stole it have a really rotten Christmas!! (that’s for beginners at least!) Did you report it?? Wish I could have seen it before it went missing 😦

  10. How terrible, I can’t believe that someone took a tree right out of your yard!!! What a jackass. I hope they get shocked when they try to plug it in from all the ripping and pulling they must have had to do. Did anyone else in the neighborhood lose any Christmas decor?

  11. Just dropped in to wish you and your family a Merry Christmas, and what’s this some f-hole (it’s guitar anatomy, really, not a swear word, but hey it works!) stole your X’mas tree! That’s so mean and disgusting I’m speechless …

    But still, they got your tree but they won’t have an X’mas. What’s a festival without the spirit. You’ve lost your tree but keep that Christmas spirit going, and do have a great Christmas.

    P.S. You don’t have to wish them bad things, I’m doing it for you here. Since I don’t celebrate Christmas, heck, I’ll even throw in a pagan curse or two their way. LOL.

  12. Jeff, Cas, M+, Piglet: Thanks, it is pretty low, isn’t it???

    Lu: Yes, a report was filed but I doubt we’ll ever see it again. I decided that it’s happened and that’s it. There are a lot bigger problems in the world that people have to deal with and we are fortunate if this is our biggest problem today.

    Mishka: Not that I know of but we’ve been really too busy to talk to all the neighbors. I hope no one else got “hit.”

    Raggy: Hi! So good to hear from you. Yeah, its bad when people stoop to such low depths. Please tell me exactly what an f-hole is, sometimes I can’t find the right words so I need all the ones I can get. Which reminds me of a Phillipine girl I work with who was telling a story one day and stumbled during the telling and exclaimed, “Help me, I’m running out of English!”
    Even though you may not celebrate Christmas, I’m wishing you all good things and a Happy, Healthy and Prosperous and Peaceful New Year. With a few hugs thrown in. 🙂

  13. Holy crap! Well, it is a time for giving, right? Yeah, that doesn’t help at all. If it shows up in KC, I will let you know.

  14. DJ, Thanks, I knew I could count on you to cover the Midwest. I have a very sophisticated operation with the exception of needing a look-out in the Aloha State…

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