Why am I giving myself a French Manicure today?  It’s called Avoidance, people!  I am the Master Mistress of it.  Oh yeah, and it looks so pretty.

*May be translated as Help or Applause.  I’ll take either 😉

9 responses to “CAN I GET A HAND?*

  1. I am not sure what a French manicure is…

  2. I was accused of having a French Manicure once. I don’t see why most guys like to have their fingernails chewed down to the nub. I find it disturbing.

  3. Fab: If you couldn’t figure out from the link, it’s doing your nails in a pale, neutral color (such as pink) and doing the tips white. Can be time consuming but the effect is nice. Not normally something one might do with tons of Christmas preparations looming over one’s head…

    M+: I like to see a man’s hands well taken care of and a manicure, or the appearance of one, is nice to see.

  4. So they kinda look like those wing tip shoes from the 50’s that all the salesmen wore? 😉

  5. Jeff: ROFLMAO Yer nutz. Yeah, they look just like that only higher.
    You made my day, again. 🙂

  6. I think that a french manicure is much more important than that other stuff. I hope it came out beautiful.

  7. Cas: So glad you agree. It’s all chipped up now from working in the kitchen… but it was quite lovely…

  8. Thank you, I do have a bit of a “thing” about taking care of my hands. It just seems appropriate considering how important they are to daily life.
    It would’ve been nice if we could’ve seen your manicure. Pics the next time?

  9. this really is beyond your control, it’s a common pisces trait.

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