I found my card box.  What a relief that was.  We’d been doing some insulating in the attic last Spring and some things got moved around.  I have a Christmas corner in the attic.  I’m guessing the box got moved because it was labeled “GLASS-Fragile” and not “Christmas Cards.”  So it was in a different corner, perched on the old rocking chair that needs repaired that belonged to my Grandmother.  It’s a miracle that I even opened it.  Note to self: Relabel that blasted box before returning it to the attic.

So I’ve been writing out cards the past two nights and MUST finish them this weekend so I can mail them on Monday.  No pressure.  I’m finding that my address book is getting filled up with names and lists of cards sent and that is going to need to be replaced.  ‘Nother note to self:  Transfer list into a new address book. 

Progress in the kitchen is slow but steady.  PD is busting his butt to make it possible to at least move some things out of the dining room to make room for the pre-Holiday mess (gifts, wrapping paper, boxes, etc) that’s in the living room so we can put the tree up.  One little snag came up (or down, depending on your point of view) yesterday when a pipe in the ceiling (or floor if you happen to be in the upstairs bathroom) developed a small leak.  He did whatever it is that men do to leaking pipes and we’re hoping it seals itself.  One more note to self:  Say small prayer (so’s not to bother the Lord with insignificant crap ~no pun intended)  for leak to seal. 

So today I’m writing cards, hoping the impending snow/ice forecast holds off to afford me a quick shopping trip and maybe wrapping some presents and lending PD a hand here and there as needed.  Final (hahahaha) and most important note to self:  Stop now and then to remember why we’re celebrating this awesome Holiday.   

6 responses to “THE LIST IS GROWING

  1. See that; the last place you’d think to look would be the wrong box…
    I was out shopping earlier today. The snow just made it feel more Christmasy to me.

  2. M+: It’s beautiful outside right now but starting to sleet. Glad I can stay inside, cozy and warm. What did you buy me?

  3. So glad you found your box…now send some of that luck my way so I can find my two things that are missing (not Christmas things so they can wait until after the holidays)…

  4. Mishka: They will turn up. Unless maybe they’re things that looked really appealing to the movers? Nah, let’s not think that.

  5. Yes, inside, cozy and warm is always nice. But being out in the lights and snow can be quite exhilarating, too.
    I got you peace of mind. Now if I could only figure out how to wrap it, and where to send it…
    Actually, I re-post my Christmas gift to all of my regular blog readers every Christmas Eve. You already read it last year. But I’m sure you’ll be able to enjoy it again.

  6. M+: As of when I’m writing this, the wind is whipping around something fierce. If it weren’t for that, I would consider venturing out.
    I am quite touched by your gift. It’s a lovely, lovely thought.
    No need to wrap or send.

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