I have a “system” if you will, for sending Christmas cards.  I have a special Holiday address book filled with the names and addresses of those I mail cards to every year.  I buy several boxes of cards ranging from those with religious themes to the humorous kind.  I name each card, ie. “manger,” “snowman,” whatever, and keep note of what year I sent which card to whom.  It sounds time-consuming and tedious, but it’s not.  There are certain people who routinely get religious cards from me, some get artsy, some get funny.  Others get whichever design that I decide suits them in any given year.

Although I don’t particularly like to, sometimes I type a letter detailing all the momentous events through the previous year.  I *ahem* make copies to enclose in the cards to people I don’t see through the year.  It’s not particularly personal but saves a huge amount of time and keeps the wrists and fingers from cramping.  And I always find pretty Christmassy printer paper to print on.

PD says I send too many cards and it’s silly and people just throw them away.  He thinks it’s a frivilous expense but usually I buy the cards on sale and start buying stamps in early December so I don’t have to buy 3 or 4 books at a time.  I also buy religious stamps and regular Christmas stamps.  I’m sure PD shakes his head behind my back. But me, I love the tradition of sending and receiving of Christmas cards.  I use them to decorate the fireplace mantle and around the archways in the living and dining rooms.  And at some point during the Season, I’ll curl up in a chair with a cup of coffee or a glass of wine and read through them all.  It’s just… nice.

Thing is, I’ve spent the last two evenings tearing my house apart looking for the box that I keep the cards, mailing labels, printer paper, stickers and all that stuff in.  For years I kept it all in the same box in the same cupboard in the spare bedroom.  Last year I graduated to a bigger box and had to find another place to keep it.  But I’ll be darned if I can remember where that might be.  So I’m already a week behind on my cards.  That in itself is not unusual but I would kind of like to get them in the mail and delivered before the 25th.  Please, God, don’t make me have to go buy all new.  That would suck.


  1. I love your system. It sounds like you put a great deal of effort and affection into this. I’m sure the recipients appreciate it all, even if PD doesn’t.
    Ya know, you’ll find the box in the last place you’d ever look. So go there now, and this will all be over.
    Of course, it’s always the last place you’d ever look ‘cuz once you find it, you don’t have to look anywhere else…

  2. I have a system for cards too….not as complex as yours but I know my husband also thinks I am crazy. I make a list each year of who sent cards to use, who we sent cards to, if I sent pictures in them and if I made cards for them. I tend to send religious ones to my religious family members even though I don’t personally believe in God (J does though)….but I know they appreciate it. I tend to drop people off the list if we don’t hear from them in any form (and email counts) for several years, except I don’t drop off family, even lazy family. I currently send out over 90 cards, and I usually make about half of them. This year has been too busy so I didn’t make any. I don’t usually do a letter but I sent out publications (newsletters) about what we are doing about 2 times a year anyhow (another 80 of those each time) so I usually just sign our cards with a bit of Happy this and Merry that…

    I hope you find your box….I have a few things this year that I can’t find and it is driving me crazy. We just moved and I am completely at a loss at where they would be…I figure after the holidays, I will sit down and go through each room one by one until I locate the stuff I need (not Christmas stuff).

  3. I dropped that system two years ago. Now, I guarantee that some people got the same card from me this year as last year. If they remember? Tough shit.

  4. I keep my cards. All of them. I throw the stack each year into a ziplock bag labeled with the year, and I will only send to the people who have sent to me the year prior. With the exception of family, just because. I have designed the card online with a picture of the kids, but still haven’t ordered it yet. O-well. It’ll get there, right?

    So I still have the card you sent last year, Hazel. I WILL KNOW.

    But I won’t care.

  5. Have you tried looking in the closet in the spare room? Maybe that high shelf in the garage also. I bet it’s there!

    Good luck finding them.Maybe someone is trying to tell you something! Like maybe you should be sending all religious ones?!?! 🙂

  6. that WOULD suck. your organizational skillz are mad awesome!

    i lost my cards last year, they are still lost. i didn’t do cards last year, it was way to insane ’round ‘ere.

    i save all my christmas cards from years past. i plan to make a ginormous collage of them one day. or something else so i can incorporate them all.

  7. Juju: You KNOW which card you’re getting this year!

  8. M+: Thank you for you ingenious advice. You must have lost something in the past to be able to offer such an intelligent solution. 😉

    Mishka: I used to make cards and I really miss having the time for that. It was such a good feeling to send a card that I’d designed and put together. They seemed to scream, “LOVE!”
    Your system sounds like a well-oiled machine. I envy your organizational skills. What sign are you??? I only do email greetings for people whose home address I don’t have. It seems less personal but better than nothing at all, huh. I do as many cards as you, give or take. It’s time consuming and a bit of an expense but it makes me happy.

    Hazel: I’m having a hard time imagining working without a net, so to speak. You are a brave and ballsy woman! I wanna be like you when I grow up.

    Ju: This made me lol. I also save cards in a ziplok bag with the year labeled on it. They hang around until I find the box they go into. That box is growing too and will soon have to be replaced so I can put it somewhere else and lose it too.

    Jeff: I don’t go in the garage, hardly ever. It’s too scary for me. “PD Territory.” Thanks for the advice.

    P’let: Thanks, but don’t be too impressed. It’s more of a necessity than a talent. Good luck with that collage.

    Hazel: I want me one of them too! lol

  9. I’ve lost a lot of somethings, and I don’t expect to stop losing things anytime soon. It’s just a fact of life. But I have found that when “it” isn’t where it ought to be, you have to look in the places “it” should never be. Works everytime.

  10. I am a sagitarius (sp?) but just on the edge…November 23rd and I have always been this way…everything has a category and a place and when it doesn’t, it drives me slightly mad….heehee.

    I don’t do email cards too much anymore (although I was doing it for those we never heard from for a while) but if we get email cards from someone, I add them to the list for next year…I am generous that way…haha.

  11. Oh and I agree, it does get expensive….that is how I am able to do the making thing….I tell the husband the purchase of supplies takes away from cards I have to buy (not this year though). I enjoy doing the cards, but sometimes when I am really pushed for time, wish I could just send out ten like some of my friends do and not feel bad about it…haha.

  12. Mishka: I must have Saggitarian tendencies. Ideally, I like everything organized. But the Pisces in me keeps me from actually pulling it off, I get too wrapped up in other diversions. Piglet recently told me she sees lots of a Saggitarius in me. You and I need to work on not being so hard on ourselves!

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