If you notice my “recent comments” there to the right, and if you would see my comments page on my WordPress dashboard you might think that Askimet is doing a pretty shitty job.  That’s what I’m thinkin’.  Either that or Santa thinks I’ve been a very bad girl and has decided to give me spam for Christmas.

I promise to behave in the future.  This sucks.

*leaving a lot to be desired.

14 responses to “SANTA HAS A SENSE* OF HUMOR

  1. Holy crap !!! Somebody, somewhere isn’t doing their job. I’ll bet this mess took some time to clean up.

  2. M+: There were over 60 messages. I musta been really bad. Yes, it took quite some time to click on all those links to make sure they were spam. LOL

    If you notice, the spammers listed in my comments on the right have all been replaced with loved ones. I’m happy now.

  3. Yes, much more pleasant to see the happy, shiny face of a real person who loves you, instead of those nasty, impersonal spammers.
    So, have you resolved the problem?

  4. Nice tree up there ^

  5. Spam sucks….I try to wipe it out every opportunity I get.

  6. Spam for Christmas is NOT a good gift. I hope that it all goes away.

    I get quite a bit, but gmail is pretty good about sifting it out.


  7. Mmmm, I love spam. I like to fry it up and slap some cheese on it, cram it between a couple slices of bread and chow down. I like the Monty Python sketch called spam as well. See spam isn’t so bad now is it?


  8. Hot and spicy Spam. Gotta try it Jeff. You will never buy regular Spam again.

  9. I hope anybody speaking of eating Spam is kidding. Just. Ew.

  10. M+: yep, thanks

    Hazel: thanks. I think it was last years…

    Cas: I don’t get a lot but my gmail is the worst, by far. This is only the second time… oh, wait. I’m not saying anything.

    Jeff & Hazel: LOL

    Mark: You might be outnumbered. Maybe it’s a northern thing. I love it. On bread with butter and mustard. But it has to be real Spam. The other stuff, Treet, I think, not so good.

  11. Spam rocks. Treet, not so much.

  12. Treet is the reason I don’t buy generics of anything that I have to eat!

  13. Hazel & Jeff: I’d say we have a consensus 🙂

  14. I love that Monty Python skit !!!
    Spam? Isn’t that like the food-equivalent of plywood to construction material? A little bit of everything thrown in to make something cheap and easy to work with?

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