I’m not finding much time to write here or do much visiting with you. We’re trying to get the kitchen presentable for Christmas, shoveling snow, that kind of stuff. I’m not getting much crossed of the To Do list, so why am I falling into bed at night and out by the time my head hits the pillow?

I gotta get this out of my system or I’ll never get “In the Spirit.” It’s just that, sometimes… people… other people, I mean… can just be so… irritating. I heard a woman at work today say, “I hate Christmas.” She’s the one most likely to be voted “Most Outwardly Religious.” Meaning, she wants you to think that, anyway. There is another woman who only smiles and says hello to me during the Holiday season. I kid you not. She’s been doing it for almost 12 years. I hate to use the word “Christmas” and “wth” in the same paragraph, but WTH? Excuse me people, I am trying to prepare to celebrate the birth of Jesus. Does that sound like something you need to interfere with? I think not. I spoke to a friend today who had to leave his place of work because a female co-worker refuses not to use nail polish remover in the office. My friend is allergic and had a reaction. I don’t get it. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not advocating being on your best behavior just because it’s “Silly Season” (PD’s word for this time of year) but some of us are trying to enjoy it.

There is an intersection near my house that has a side road that’s kind of hard to get out of when traffic is heavy. Normally, if there are no cars coming in the opposite direction and there’s a line of traffic behind me, I’ll stop and motion for a waiting car on the side road to pull out. I could have done that today but the guy in the waiting car had a ridiculous Santa hat perched cock-eyed on his head. It just irritated me so I let him sit there. What’s wrong with me? If you’re reading this, Santa-Hat-Guy, I apologize. I was not at my best, having dealt with all that I did today.

On a lighter note, the snow was soooo pretty today!

Note:  I wrote this Tuesday night and the wrong date was on my time stamp and it didn’t publish…  Now today (Wednesday) I’m feeling more cordial and the snow… it’s not so pretty.  The roads are getting bad and there are lots of accidents on the news. 

8 responses to “HOW YOU DOIN’?

  1. I hear ya…
    But, if you stop by my blog I’m sure you’ll be lifted by the joy of the Christmas Spirit that is practically oozing out of my pores and onto the pages of my blog.

  2. I’m with ya too Wink. I swear if I hear one more store “associate” tell me Happy Holidays I am going to have to turn on them and explain the significance of the season. Sure their employers make them say it but I think we need to stand up to big business and tell them enough. It is called CHRISTmas, has been for many years and quit trying to change it to please the minority.

  3. While I feel like I am making headway on my list of things to do…I think it keeps growing as well…haha.

  4. I hope traffic guy learned his lesson – wear the santa hat only if you feel lucky.

  5. I like Christmas. And I don’t use nail polish, hence no remover.

    Why do people have to try and make others unhappy. Life is just too short.

    Have a happy Christmas season!

  6. Hmmmm, are we going to start calling you Ebenezer “Linda” Scrooge? Just kidding. Your husband is right, however. It is certainly a “silly season,” whether one enjoys Christmas or not. Of course, this is also the season when suicide rates climb and the elderly tend to die at a quicker pace. I’m not feeling very “Christmasy” yet, which is unusual. But I’m sure as my kids’ enthusiasm builds, my own enjoyment of the season will increase. (I’m jealous of your snow!)

  7. I have to admit to being one of those ‘Bah humbug’ types this year Ann Twink 😉 Or at least I was, last night I got the urge to start being festive. But I hate how like you said people have long forgotten the reason for the season.

    We are boycotting ‘MATERIALIZED’ Christmas this year, not getting into the present mess, but have ‘family day’ scheduled instead, movies, games and dinner, just being together!

  8. i wish for you to say a special prayer and send me some snow. it was in the high 70’s today where i live. in december, high 70’s is not common.

    it’s ok to not be nice all the time, which i know you know but i just had to add it 🙂

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