Of Montreal – A Sentence Of Sorts In Kongsvinger

I admire this woman’s sense of self. And she has excellent taste in music.

7 responses to “THAT’S ENTERTAINMENT

  1. Ok, what did I just watch? That was equal parts weird and strangely entertaining.

  2. Brian: I thought so… I love the song. She’s just a bonus 😉

  3. Ummmm, what is more disturbing? The video or the fact that I watched it all. And what the hell was she doing to that bunnies ear?

    That comment should bring some interesting search engine traffic!

  4. Amigo: Sorry, didn’t mean it to disturb you. You did like the song, though, right?
    Oh, yeah. The strings… :-S

  5. Yes the song is good, the video, in retrospect, isn’t that bad, just weird!

  6. Interesting! She’s done something I couldn’t do.

  7. I’m sorry, but I watched about a minute of the video and decided that I’d really like to have that minute back. Song is good, but the video…
    Uh, I got nuthin’…

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