Yeah, the title is lame and so is the post but I think it’s funny and I wanted to share. Parental discretion is advised…

Two nights ago PD and I were finishing up Round One of 2007 Outdoor Decorating. We’re doing a blue & white theme this year. White icicle lights around the porch roof and perimeter of the house. Blue lights around the picture window and single blue lights in the front windows upstairs. We have a 5 foot white tree by the porch with blue lights. So we were cleaning up and discussing how to decorate the front door this year. And it went something like this…

Me: I know, let’s get blue foil for on the door.

PD: We already have gold. (He was cranky and uncooperative by this time.)

Me: But blue would be pretty.

PD: *grumble, grumble*

He’d started down off the porch carrying the ladder and was turning the corner, heading for the garage. I was trailing along, kind of like a puppy. I couldn’t see his face.

Me: We could get a white wreath! And decorate it with blue balls!

PD: Oh yeah? Well, my balls are blue.

Me: ( getting disgusted with his attitude and general “Scrooge-ness”) Oh yeah? And my “wreath” is white!

I guess you have to have a little bit of a gutter brain to appreciate this, but I laughed the whole length of the driveway. I couldn’t see Poopy’s face but he was a little more jovial by the time we got back inside.

Just to clarify and for the sake of a bad visual, I was joking about the color of the wreath.


5 responses to ““DECOR-AGING”

  1. Oh, the jokes I could start from this post…
    But I won’t.
    Ya know, I love the whole Christmas season with decorating and everything. But I never get to decorate the outside of my house. No electrical outlets outside. So I just make sure to over-do on the inside.

  2. That is funny….I think I had a coversation along those lines recently…

  3. Nice way to talk, you two.

  4. That’s too funny! I don’t even have any smartass comments….

  5. M+: Aw, c’mon. Go with your gut. Why should I be the only one feeling foolish here???

    Mishka: Please share?

    Hazel: I’d say it’s pretty mild compared to conversations I’ve heard between you and SO… lol

    Natalie: You jes’ didn’t think hard enough.

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