Is it ok to screw around with my header, say, like once a week or so? Or is it distracting? I just realized a couple weeks ago that I can actually do that without any major anxiety. And since I haven’t been able to master uploading pictures, this seems like an option to present a little visual interest here instead of just all my inane rambling text. (which is the same reason I sometimes put up video…)

This picture is of JuJu‘s cat, Allie. Forgive me if I spelled that wrong, Ju. PD and I don’t have a cat. Or a dog. Or anything that vaguely resembles anything from the pet world. Except the stuffed partridge I have perched in a Victorian birdcage in my dining room. And that’s enough for me. Although, PD often talks about how he might like to adopt a “Jesus Lizard.” They are members of the Iguana family and got their name from their ability to muster up the momentum to actually run on water when they are threatened by predators. They walk upright and are pretty cool to watch. If you’ve never seen one, here‘s a short 30-second video of one in action. I don’t see us adopting one anytime soon… I think it would be weird to wake up in the middle of the night and hear those little feet pitter-pattering across the kitchen floor.

I was hoping that PD and I might brave the cold temps and put some of our outside Christmas decorations up today. But then I watched the weather report and found that we should be having a warm-up in the next couple of days. Which is even better since today we will be sitting with PD’s mom. It looks like her recovery from back surgery isn’t going to be as miraculous as it first seemed. She’d had the surgery last Friday and was up and around and home on Sunday. We were all, like, “Wow!” Not so much now. My own mom is coming along, mostly just sore from the surgery. She had a defibrillator/pacemaker “installed.”

There’s a full Moon tonight, so you’ve got permission a good reason to get a little crazy. I’m in the mood for summa’ dat…


My horoscope for today:  Your feelings are more than a little confusing right now, but that probably just means they’re more complex than usual, even for you. Try writing them down in a poem or rambling journal entry.  What? Me? Rambling???

12 responses to “YOU’RE NOT ON THE WRONG PAGE

  1. I like the kitty header…it is very cool looking. Messing with your template is absolutely something you should do. I need to do it with mine. My blog has looked exactly the same short of adding widgets to the sidebar forever…..need to change things up a bit, I think.

  2. Mishka: Thanks, Darlin’. I kinda felt odd about putting it up; you see, I’m not a cat person. There are only a few cats in the world that I have feelings for (or had feelings for.) But I love Allie and I love this window of JuJu’s. Plus, I don’t have a lot of pictures that can be cropped to that size. And it’s hard to find pictures at all that go with my title.
    Do you use WordPress? They have a feature that you can preview all their templates and see what you like. This is the only one that suited all my needs as far as sidebar features, columns, etc.

  3. I have too many pets, you are welcome to take some of mine. Four horses, three dogs, three cats! take your pick

  4. TC: You got a teddy bear? I might be interested in that. But only that…

  5. Allie! Funny to click on through here and see that!

  6. I love pictures – and think that changing the header is a great idea. And I especially like pictures of cats.

    We haven’t done any Christmas decorating yet, but I am making an effort to finish up Christmas presents. My last day at work was last Tuesday, and I’m happily doing other things. It’s great.

    We had a lot of rain last night, so it won’t be today that we’.. attempt to decorate outside.

    Have a great day.

  7. Ah the decoration dilemma. The closer it gets to Christmas the more urgent the feeling to get them up. But then in the back of your head comes that little voice that says, “why”?
    “It’s going to be a lot of work and them you will have to take them down during one of the coldest months of the year”.
    That little voice usually wins!

  8. Ju: How funny was it??? 😉

    Cassie: Finish presents? God bless you woman. I’ve barely started. Funny, we had rain last night and all day today, and right this very minute, PD is standing on the front porch surrounded by a pile of strings and strings of lights with a confused look on his face. I told him I’d be “right out.” I’m hoping he changes his mind in the next five minutes and comes back in…

    Jeff: See above.

  9. No pets? Is this a product of allergies or you just don’t want furry beasts running around your home?

    Driving down from Vermont on Sunday I noticed quite a few homes fully decorated for the holidays . . . lights and lawn displays ablaze. I realize these people are having fun and expressing their Christmas cheer for all to see, but isn’t it a little early? It’s not even December yet! The Advent season doesn’t even start until this Sunday. And doesn’t one grow a little tired of this stuff by the first week of January? (And no, my middle name is NOT Scrooge.)

  10. Just wanted to drop you a quick note to let you know that I am still out hear reading and keeping up. I am glad all is well with your mom and PD’s mom. I also can’t believe that baby is 1 already. Anyways, just wanted to say hey.

  11. Brian: Hi 🙂 No allergies. I’m lazy I guess and I’m plum out of love to give. And I detest animal hair and slobber in my house.

    Dana: What a lovely surprise! I’ll give your message to the Moms. I was at the club a couple weeks ago, it was fun but not the same without you. It was Darrio’s 50th bday. I need an address for you, btw. I want to know everything! XO

  12. i like the header and it’s your header so’s you can change it all day long 🙂

    this is why i had to leave blogger b/c i was tinker with my template almost on a daily basis. it’s an ocd thing.

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