• Falling asleep and missing Amy Winehouse on SNL. Was curious to see what all the fuss is about…
  • Leaving the house two minutes late and getting behind that stinky school bus. (You know the one… he sits at the intersection and pulls out in front of me on purpose every chance he gets.)
  • Stepping in the water you spilled filling the ice cube tray. In your stocking feet. When you’re already two minutes late.
  • Eating that second half of a hoagie when just the first half would have been sufficient.
  • Leaving my gloves in the car on a day like today- not terribly cold, but cold enough for gloves.
  • Waiting until the very last day to cancel the trial period for a music downloading site and sweating the fact that you might just get charged the monthly fee for an actual subscription. Update: As it turns out, I made it in time and this now qualifies for a spot on “VARYING DEGREES OF RELIEF.”
  • Sneezing when you have to pee.
  • Leaving the lids off my contacts case. With the contacts in the case. All night.
  • Lying in bed, all comfy, ready to fall asleep and realizing that you forgot to put the phone on charge.
  • Forgetting to click on the SAVE button.

Feel free to report your own regrets, no matter what degree.

***And to the Veterans who bravely serve or have served our Country, a sincere and heart-felt THANK YOU. ***


  1. Oh, goody !!! Another list of things to add onto.
    Let’s see, regrets…

    Not stopping at Giant Eagle before going to work to get chocolate milk to go with my banana.

    This is so much fun! I’m really enjoying these posts!

  2. Being too nice and later feeling like someone else schedules my days for me.

  3. Getting a mile down the road and realizing you forgot your phone.

    There are tons of “lying in bed and forgetting……..” options. Once of my fiercest peeves.

  4. I have left my contacts in the case all night without putting solution in there….thank goodness they are disposables…

  5. Linda, there is not enough room on this blog for me to list all my regrets. We’ll go with a short list:

    1)Saying hi to my ex when I first met her!

    2)Biting into an apple and finding half a worm.

    2.5)tasting the other half.

    3)With soap in eyes, reaching for the conditioner and accidentally grabbing the bottle of nair which some idiot designed to feel just like the bottle of conditioner.

    3.5)Meeting with friends later that same day

    4)Eating the awesome chocolate cookies my friend made

    4.5)realizing that my friend was mad at me and he made them with ex-lax

    5)feeling 18 again

    5.5)getting caught feeling 18, again!

  6. M+: Glad you’re having fun. I will keep doing these if you’d like. I made a list today of a bunch of things that come in varying degrees. I won’t do them every day, but I will do some more.

    Thanks everybody for your additions!

    Jeff: Can I have a word with you, privately??? (I’m kidding but concerned about your luck.) I like your numbering system.

  7. i’m interested in all that fuss about amy too, i didn’t realize she was on SNL! if it was a repeat, i didn’t dvr it. i’m too lazy to go to you tube. computers have made me very lazy. if i can’t press a button to get it, that’s just asking for too much.

    i too hate stinky buses and their horrible fumes!

  8. Halo!!

    stopping by to get caught up on your blog! oh what fun things I have been missing out on~

    love your varying degrees of relief! you are so clever, love reading your blog!!

    hope you had a lovely weekend~

    xo ~Bella

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