Thought I would pop in here for a bit so’s y’all don’t think I croaked or somethin’.  I have lots to say but not enough time.

PD and I are all caught up in redoing our kitchen. We’d started awhile back when he first started feeling not-too-bad and tore out the suspended ceiling. Since then we took some cupboards out and commenced upon stripping them to prepare for painting or staining or whatever. We’d decided to paint them white and are now in a bit of a limbo as I’ve decided that maybe I wouldn’t like them white after all. PD restrained himself admirably when I ‘fessed up. I know he would have preferred to open a can of WA* on me. 😉

So now the ceiling above the old ceiling is gone now too. Right down (up?) to the joists and second-story floor boards. It’s weird how high up it goes. We got rough wood planking to do the ceiling and haven’t decided yet whether or not we want beams. It will depend on what that might look like with the ceiling fan, which is black.

Our main dilemma is what to do with the back wall. We are taking out an outside door. First we talked of replacing it with a window but now are thinking of a wall of cupboards above a counter with cupboards below. I thought it would be nice to have a window where we would put the pub table and stools (which we haven’t purchased yet) but we’re not putting the table there after all so we are leaning toward cupboards now. There is a space problem at each end that we need to work out. But I’m tired thinking about it for today and tired breathing plaster dust and looking at pots and pans and assorted small appliances all over the dining room so I think I’ll opt for bed.

One more thing… I found something cool today here. Up above here on my (WordPress) dashboard there is a little drop-down menu in the upper right hand corner where you can select “random post” (or something like that) and it will take you to a random posting in your archives.  That’s fun.  But that will have to wait for another day.  Have a good day.

* Whoop-Ass

7 responses to “WHEN THE DUST SETTLES…

  1. I am glad you are still alive, I would like to mention that I too, am alive….I admit I’ve been inactive for ages.

  2. What a project you guys have. I don’t envy you the work, but certainly the outcome. It will be awesome when you’re done. Won’t you miss your back door though?

  3. You are going to have pictures of this when it is done, aren’t you?

  4. I know the rewards will be worth the effort, even now that you’re changing your mind about the white paint…

  5. Bu: I’m awfully glad you’re alive and I assume well. Looking forward to seeing you at Thanksgiving and giving you a good ear-bending about the necessity of frequent posting… 😉

    Hazelx2: Did I not mention the dining room project? (ha!) Our plan is to install French doors on the back wall leading out on to the back porch. Which will necessitate moving the swing to the other end of the porch, which will in turn require us to move the porch steps around to the back… I’m projecting a 2012 finish date. ;-Þ

    Jeff: Lean over here, Amigo… so I can slap you a good one.
    I forgot to tell you. I put names of people in a hat and picked your name to teach me to blog w/pictures. Merry Christmas, with love.

    M+: Poopy didn’t especially want white cupboards in the first place, so it’s not really earth-shattering. I think I just scared him into thinking of all the other things I could possibly dump on him. My original idea was framed glass cupboard doors with chicken wire behind the glass. He didn’t like that idea AT ALL.

  6. random thoughts:

    ceiling work? I figure it’s easier to not look up 🙂

    black fans get white dust, white fans get black dust. something in the physics of fans.

    when in doubt about a paint job’s color: wait. and wait. If you wait long enough, the wall begins to take a color of its’ own. (Raggy’s 1st Law of Procastination)

    what to do with the wall: just draw a cupboard on it for the time being? since it’s often the thought that counts…

  7. Raggy: I kind of like your way of thinking. It’s mine but sounds a little more prolific coming from you. You’re a procrastinator? Ha! You’ve come to the right place. I seem to attract them here. 😉
    I laughed out loud when you said ‘draw a cupboard…’ PD was trying to picture what goes where the other night and ended up tracing where the fridge and stove would be right on the wall.

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