Everyone on the planet but me has evidently seen this commercial. But that is neither here nor there. What I want you to know is this:

If you love this song but you’re afraid to buy the cd or rather, you’re afraid to download the whole shebang, Don’t Be Afraid. The cd entitled The Reminder by Feist is awesome. I was afraid it might be a little quirky, but it’s not. It’s pure great. This woman’s voice is one of God’s more unique creations. Not that all God’s creations aren’t unique, her voice is just uniquer. Buy it, download it. Whatever you do, enjoy it. My favorite song on the cd is I Feel It All, which I like even better than 1234. If you get it, let me know what you think.

5 responses to “I KNOW YOU CAN

  1. As much as I trust your critique, I just don’t have the type of disposable income to allow me to just run out and buy any highly recommened CD’s, DVD’s, or other forms of entertainment. I am very selective of my choices in entertainment since my dollars must go further than most peoples. The curse of being a single parent. But I thank you for the recommendation, anyways.

  2. hot dang that is some funky cool sounding music! i likes. and i have a “1234” thing. i always catch the clocks on 1234 be it am or pm.

  3. M+, you’re a discriminating spender. I’m bad. I would spend my last dime on music…

    Piglet, it’s 1s for me. But it happens in spurts. It’s fun, huh? PD and I are wierd, if one of us notices the clock at 17 after, we kiss.

  4. “dicriminating spender”? I like that. It sounds so much better than “broke”…

  5. PD and I have assorted terms for spending. We tease each other about the need to be an educated consumer. What it boils down to is asking ourselves, do we REALLY need this???

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