What an insane week this has been. I’ve been non-stop from 5:30am to at least 6:30pm every day this week. And I don’t just mean awake, I mean functioning at some level of activity for an average of 13 hours per day. I’m used to more like 10 hours of full-throttle. Those extra 3+ hours have just about done this old broad in. A normal day for me used to entail arriving home from work at 4pm followed by an hour of cool-down time at the computer and a couple chores or errands before dinner around 7pm. Then, whatever, until bedtime around 10pm. But this week (and now that I think of it, most of last week) has been just a flurry of doing this and that but not having enough time for the other thing and falling into bed, exhausted closer to 11 than 10.

PD would be the first to tell you that, ahem, blogging has taken up most of my time this week. While I have given my beloved blog more attention than usual this week, it was crammed-in time; a few minutes here, a half-an-hour there but sheesh, it was fun and you guys really left some great comments. It was terrific, but. See, this is why I normally don’t write about controversial things or current events or politics or religion or sex or anything heavy. I would love to but I just don’t have the time that I would feel compelled to spend addressing all the necessary details. I see, though, why lots of bloggers write what they do to spur commentary and “have dialogues”. It’s addicting. The interaction is great and I wish I could make a living just blogging and stirring up things and discovering other people’s reactions and opinions. I’d have to get good at it of course, but I think it would be one great way to make a living. So, as much fun as that was for me, it may be awhile before I decide to devote quite that much time to a post or two.

I’m still having PT three times a week. I had my follow-up sonogram and biopsy also. The sonogram results were encouraging but I was disappointed to find out that the biopsy didn’t show as much improvement that George had hoped for so he wants me to go back on that freakin’ pill from hell. For 3 months, which is down from the 6 that we originally discussed and I begged and pleaded with him not to make me go back on it. As it is, this information (biopsy result and medication recommendation) was relayed to me by PD, who took the call from George because I wasn’t here myself. I fully realize that it is my own decision whether or not to opt for the prescribed treatment but I want to talk to George some more and do some research on my own. The scientific kind. I need to decide for myself if the benefits outweigh all the drawbacks. Wish me luck. I’m considering getting a second opinion even though I already feel like I know I should just rock up and take the damn pill. Ah, the joys of being a woman.

So I’m glad this week is finally over. Hoping for some relaxation here and there in the next couple of days. Wishing the same for you. And nice, sunny days!

10 responses to “FIZZLE

  1. I’m sorry things didn’t go perfectly with the biopsy. More prayer is in order!

    If I had the money, I would pay you to blog. Some days you are the only blog that makes sense, some days! Other days, well not so much, but I still dig readin’ ya! 😉

  2. Jeff, I was getting worried, you not being around and all. Leave it to you to show up all sweet-like when a girl is needin’ a guy to show up all sweet-like… You made me laugh about not making sense some days. Some days I don’t even make sense to me. Next time, tho’ ask me what the heck I’m talking about. I can always re-word 😉
    Thanks for the prayers.

  3. Yes, more prayers are definitely in order.

  4. Michael, Thanks a billion.

  5. BTW, I finally got around to responding to the recent comments you’ve left on my blog. Sorry it took so long.

  6. i am all for second opinions, and really i would feel much better about this whole thing if you did get a second opinion.

    it’s all about me feeling better right? you don’t want me to have another episode do you? (i’ve learned well from my catholic upbringing eh?)

    maybe eve find a homeopathic doctor in all your spare time (hee, kidding don’t smack me)…

    but yeah i vote second opinion only b/c doctors are humans and as well know humans err.

  7. Piglet, Thanks, Sweetie. I want you to feel better!

  8. I am always around. Sometimes the things that pop into my head aren’t worth saying so I keep my trap shut! 🙂

  9. Jeff, you could just leave a smiley face or a mean face or something, just so I don’t worry about you. K?

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