I am so completely thrilled. I came home today to find an invite to Deborah Chesher’s VIP World Premiere Gallery Opening for Everybody I Shot is Dead. It’s a private party and oh, man I wanna go soooooo bad. It’s happening on November 3rd. The Premiere takes place here at the Oh My Godard Gallery in Vancouver.

I feel so honored to be invited and am tremendously excited for Deborah. If you’re not a regular visitor to her site, at least go there and read about her first –of many, I’m sure– TV interview (October 7) and listen to her radio interview (September 25 Post.) She has had such an interesting career. I think she’s an amazing talent. Her book, which I have not seen for real yet but have “watched” develop on her blog, promises to be a must-have for every music fan.

Um, I’m allowed a guest… PD can’t fly. Oh, dear, what should I do? šŸ˜‰

Update to post: This morning I visited Deborah’s Everybody I Shot is Dead blog and, a little red-faced, found that not only am I invited, but so are you and the entire Internetosphere. Wouldn’t that be a blast if we all could go???!!!

6 responses to “HOW EXCITING IS THIS?

  1. I can’t quite figure out, aside from family and friends who, out of my photographic excursions has actually choked it. Like famous folk and all that…

    Another sleepless night… – Durutti Column / Otis

  2. BD, Not sure I’m getting you. Are you saying that you’re not sure about the famous musicians that have died? Or … why is there a book commemorating them? You now have me thinking about your friends… can we talk about that here or would you rather not? Your call.

    I’m posting a link here to a video of the song you mentioned, it’s awesome music.

  3. Well, plenty of my friends and family have died. But I was just trying to figure out how many of those random folk caught in my photos are no more, how many of those artists, band members, etc…

    That music is awesome, I never saw that video before. It’s the same band but not the same song.

  4. i would go just on the title ALONE (Everybody I Shot is Dead).

  5. You’ll notice the invite on the blog is for the general public opening starting at 7:30pm. You received the VIP invite for the party that commences 2 hours prior to the doors opening to John Q. Public.

    BTW, the party is on November 3rd. And if you’re coming to the VIP party you need to RSVP or else your name will not be on the guest list and some guy named Bruno will kick you to the curb.

  6. Deborah: Um, yeah, I would notice things like that at some point. I scare myself sometimes. Damn posting in a hurry, that’s what it is. Where you find time to post at all is beyond me. You’re amazing.
    And thank you sincerely for the personal invitation. It means a great deal to me. I am going to edit my post to read the correct date… thanks for correcting me :-S
    So is Bruno cute? And will we get to meet Michael G-olive? I mean Godard. Is that guy cool or what? I want his life.


    Piglet: ha. I know you would.

    BD: I understand now, thanks for clarifying. So you’ve photographed famous folks too? You need to meet Deborah šŸ™‚
    Yep, those guys are great. Feel free to send me any of their other stuff you have… šŸ˜‰

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