It’s taken me an entire week to report on last weekend’s trip to New York. The trip was great. We left Friday and came home Monday afternoon. The occasion was to attend the wedding of Juju’s sister-in-law. The wedding was beautiful, as were Ju and her family, 4/5th’s of which were members of the wedding party. The weather couldn’t have been better and it was a happy day.

I hadn’t spent time with my daughter and her family for over a month and in that time, the kids had changed so much. They are growing like bad weeds and the baby, Andrew, is now starting to pull himself up to furniture in preparation for the big stuff like standing and then, omg, walking. And he’s got that “falling on my butt” thing down pat. He’s really into eating and if you’re eating and he’s not, he stares at you like you’re committing a sin and he’s mulling over your penance. I totally enjoyed bathing him, feeding him, changing him and all that smoochin’ and stuff. PD took charge of him during the wedding ceremony and did an excellent job.

Miss Madeline is amazing, too. Wish you could have seen her in her little satin dress with the tights and the little patent leather shoes, pearl headband and being all pretty. We told her repeatedly that she was a “princeth” and she played the part thwimmingly. As a side note, she loves eating “thrawberrieeth”.

Master Julian, who’s handsome as heck on a regular basis, looked amazing in his tuxedo. And sooooo grown up. He’s not sure if he still wants to be a backhoe operator when he grows up, but I’d say he would have a good shot at being a male model if the other gig doesn’t pan out.

I’m less and less sure how Ju juggles a home, husband, herself and those three little ones day after day. A handful doesn’t even begin to describe what she’s got. And she is so calm and collected. The day of the wedding, she needed to make sure everyone was pulled together and in the right place at the right time, a daunting feat to say the least… And you wouldn’t believe how she managed to do all that and look amazing too. She was the prettiest bridesmaid (bridesmatron?) I’ve ever seen. And Mr. Ju? Handsomest Groomsman. As well as a great help to Juju.

It was very hard to leave them behind when we headed for home on Monday. I constantly think of how they are growing and changing everyday and the cute, funny little things that go on everyday that I miss seeing. But they seem to be doing just great and I thank God for that. I’ll look forward to next time.

25 responses to “WEEKEND WITH THE KIDS

  1. This is such a warm and touching post. It sounds like you had a magnificent time.
    BTW, shouldn’t it be “printheth”? Or did you think we wouldn’t get it?

  2. They sound amazing. I hope Ju posts Pics soon.

  3. Michael Croth, it wath rilly, rilly great. And you are thurely on top of it. My readerth rawk! I mithed the firtht eth thound, din’t I???

    Lori, don’t hold your breath, but I’m sure she will at some point šŸ˜‰

  4. Sounds like fun. I’m looking forward to my own grandkids. :-0

  5. Thanks for coming and helping out, as always, the time flew by too fast. They are growing like mad, aren’t they? They miss you as much as you miss them, I promise. Mads was still asking where you guys were today, a week after you’ve gone.

  6. Haze, You are going to make one kick-ass Gram. Seriously.

    Ju, Don’t thank me for goodness sakes. We had a ball, but yes, it went too quick.
    You made me cry just now. It’s ok, it’s what I do. XO

  7. dang, i felt like i was there with you. i’m all vaklempt now. you’re like buttah.

  8. That’th OK. Of courthe your readerth rawk. Otherwithe, we wouldn’t be your readerth…
    I’m jutht glad you had thuch a wonderful time with the kidth.

  9. Ok, cause I can’t be bothered working on my olde the’s and e’s I’ll say this much – this week has been loooooooooong. Yes, ten O’s long.

  10. Piglet Honey, I love your new picture. I guess I can tell you now, I was never too crazy about Ozzy all over my blog…
    I’m kidding! He definitely added character here! ha. But seriously, the new one is sooo… You.
    You might laugh but I had to look up “vaklempt.” Where did you find this word and how come I never heard it before? It’s a damn good word.

    M+, holy cow. Are you a profethional lithper? That wath imprethive ath heck.

    BD, please tell me why. Mail is good.

  11. Sounds like a great trip. Did you eat any chickun?

  12. I always thought it was verklempt…?

  13. Okay, tell me what it means, cause I couldn’t even find it in the dictionary. LOL

  14. TC, No chickun. I told you I don’t do wings…

    Ju, I never heard that either and couldn’t find it in my Webster’s.

    Lori, It’s funny where I found it. I’ll share:
    check here
    It’s from the WONKANIZER Glossary šŸ™‚ As in Willie…

  15. Thank you. It all makes sense now.

  16. Glad you had fun, I am due for some fun myself. I don’t see it happening in the near future though!

  17. Lori, Anytime. šŸ™‚

    Jeff, I’m guessin’ you could make some of your own if you put your mind to it…

  18. so, here is what I always thought it was…I guess the words are both the same.


  19. Ju, Ah lack ‘at dere Errban Dickshunary. šŸ˜‰
    So it’s official.
    You ‘n Piglet is smarter ‘n me.

  20. Good to hear you had a good time in NY! I need to go back and visit…it’s been a LONG time since I’ve been there.

  21. Not a profethional lithper, jutht thomeone who’th rather fond of linguithticth. You should hear me do thome of my acthentth. You’d laugh your athth off.

  22. Teej, I have an idea… let’s all go. Seriously, we should make a plan.
    We’ll take the Miata šŸ˜‰

    Michael, I’m already laughing my um, pothterior thection, off.

    I love to read English or Southern dialogue outloud when I’m reading. PD thinks I’m nuts.

  23. Accents are such a blast to use. I only use my Pittsburgh accent for fun, n’@. I have spent entire days “in character” with my English accent. And I have a few others that would have to be heard to be appreciated.

  24. Michael, I’m guessing you had a ball on “Talk like a Pirate Day”???

  25. Aye, m’ bonnie lass, I did at that. Aarrrrr…

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