Just got back from 2 and 1/2 hours of physical therapy. You read that right. Two and one half hours. Sheesh. So now I’m behind on everything I’d planned for the evening. Including dinner and I’m starved so this will be short.

The therapy is for intercostal muscle strain (also called acute thoracic muscle strain) and I couldn’t find a decent page to link you to… which is what my new doc has diagnosed, as opposed to costochrondritis which is what my old doc decided. Remember all this? It’s not important except that therapy is going to prevent me from whooshing straight home from work several days a week. It better help with the pain to offset the inconvenience…

My therapist is rilly cool though. He’s a Civil War buff and his office is overflowing with pictures of generals and swords and pictures of battle scenes and all sorts of memorabilia. He’s real tall and real thin with the sideburns and goatee that actually make him look like a Southern General. And the icing on the cake, he speaks with a deep Southern drawl. He studied his craft at the Mayo Clinic. Taking that into consideration and the workout I got, I’d say the dude knows his stuff. He did, however, dub me his new”problem child”. Evidently, my “condition” doesn’t make a lot of sense medically. Not for my lifestyle, build, activity level, etc. So he’s decided to get to the bottom of this or as he referred to it, looking under all the stones. Normally the kind of pain and duration, location of pain and other factors stem from an injury. I didn’t injure myself. So we will see… He took pages and pages of notes. I felt like I was being interrogated for a crime I didn’t commit. Well, not exactly. He’s got a good sense of humor. And I still have all my fingers.

I will soon post regarding our weekend trip to NY, which was great.

12 responses to “QUICK POST

  1. I hope the therapy works out for you. And I hope your new doc figures out what the real problem is.

  2. Oh physical therapy, I love that stuff. There is nothing like having a burly male, or female, nurse force you to do things that you are not quite ready to do. Actually the last time I had it they gave me a choice, we can do it the easy way or my way, they won!

  3. oooo therapy, good luck.

  4. oh yea i forgot YOU PEOPLE wanted me to start posting my link when i comment

  5. Was beginning to think you had been abducted somewhere in upstate New York, a victim of one of those rest area crimes. Glad you’re back!

  6. Jeesh. I sure hope this time spent therapizing works.

  7. Michael+, Thanks, me hopes too.

    Amigo, actually, so far two very attractive people have done nothing but make me feel nice and relaxed. But thanks for your insightful support… πŸ˜‰

    BoBu, thanks for the good wishes and thanks for the link πŸ™‚
    And thanks for coming by…

    Bri, to the best of my geographical knowledge, I’ve never set foot in upstate NY. Believe me, if I had, you would know it.
    I’ve just been crazy busy lately. Hopefully that will settle down soon and there will be no question as to my whereabouts, dubious or otherwise.
    I’ve finally gotten over my fear of being abducted at a rest stop. Thanks a lot ;-P

    Hazelx2, me too. It would be nice to enjoy some painlessness for a changification.

  8. If my dad ever had that doctor, he’d never be able to concentrate on what he was telling him. He’s a Civil War buff, too.

    I hope this therapy helps now that they’ve more specifically (or just correctlier?) diagnosed you.

  9. Mark, I wish you could see this guy… Yeah, I’m hoping that too.

  10. Sounds like you had a good time, La-linda.

    I’m rejoining the land of the living and catching up. Good to see, er, read ya. πŸ™‚

  11. I’d be foolish not to say, wait, is that an REM line…

  12. ALVIS!!!! Buddy! How in the hell are you???
    Don’t do that again, do you understand? Say it with me… “Don’t do that again!”
    Ok, Linda, b-r-e-a-t-h-e.
    I’m ok now.
    Are you?

    BD, GUESS WHAT??? I have no idea what you’re talking about.

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