So I’m outside just now contemplating the Moon.  I’ve said this before, how I see his “face” etched out in the craters and mountains and valleys.  (If indeed there are mountains and valleys on the Moon?)  His face concerns me.  It’s a startled look of consternation that I see.  And I wonder… is it just sadness I see or disapproval?  He’s up there, night after night for eons upon eons.  All alone.  It’s got to be cold up there.  The loneliness must be unbearable.  Or is it something else, I ponder.  He’s been watching over us from the time the Earth was clean and fresh and new.  There were green forests and blue water and beautiful mountains and beauty as far as the eye could see.  Mr. Moon has watched Man destroy so much of that splendor by moving mountains, clearing forests, polluting water.  Concrete has taken the place of fields and forests.  To be up there looking down at this big mess we’ve made would surely stir great sadness in anyone’s soul.  So I feel a great sense of empathy for Mr. Moon.

He’s a trusty old dude.  He can be relied upon to shine in all his phases like clockwork.  He keeps the tides in working order.  Sure, they get riled up now and then, but they always go out and come back in and he makes sure of it.  He uses his influence predictably.  When he’s fully visible, he arranges that lots of new babies are born.  His pull lets us change our moods and get a little crazy now and then.  From so far away, his powers over us are impressive.  Coyotes know his power and have been known to sit in his light and howl their praises.

Mr. Moon has prompted songwriters to sing of his beauty.  He provides that magical light, not too bright, but just enough to stir a bit of romance and the perfect background for a special kiss.  Any couple who has walked hand in hand basked in his light is well aware of the effect upon their emotions.  That gentle tug that can pull two lovers together.  That glow which he reflects from the sun can transform even the plainest face into a thing of beauty.  It’s almost as if he’s up there encouraging us to get close and love each other.

There are Sun worshipers.  Personally, I find it hard to have a personal relationship with a huge glowing ball of fiery gas.  I can’t even look straight at the thing to admire it.  And while basking in the Moon’s light isn’t giving my skin the vitamins it needs, I feel comforted and assured that the Moon is up there watching over me.  And you.  And everyone else.  I often look up at him and think that, at any given moment, Bruce Springsteen or Brad Pitt or Sean Penn or any other of a gazillion people could be looking up at the same time.  We all share the Moon.  He’s been a part of each of our lives for our entire lives. From the time your Grandma or your Grandpa held you up and pointed to the sky, saying, “Look, there’s the Moon,”  until now, he’s been there for you.

He’s up there for us to admire.  Pure and simple Moon.  Asks nothing of us.  And yet we ignore him, mess up his “view” and now and then send up an astronaut or two to tarnish his soil and threaten to overtake him.  I don’t know where I’m going with this, I guess I just wanted to remind you to appreciate Mr. Moon.  Call me crazy but I think before I go to sleep tonight, I’m going to walk outside one more time and blow him a kiss goodnight.  And then I’ll fall asleep content to know he’s peeking in my window  watching over me and my dreams.

16 responses to “GOOD NIGHT, MOON

  1. At first I thought you were going to tell the bedtime story that the boys have memorized. That was a very thought inspiring post. I was never sure when people said “man on the moon” if they meant it looked like a whole body or just a face. I’ve thought that I could make out a face, but I didn’t know if that’s what other people saw.

  2. I’ve never given any thought to the moon, just how bright and big it is. Does that make me shallow? After reading your post, I think it does.

  3. did you intentionally post this in sync with the taiwanese mid-autumn moon festival?

  4. Hazel, nah. There are lots of things you appreciate that I am probly not even aware of. So not shallow. Our interests are just different.

    Dan, well of course, silly.
    Um, no, actually, it was Mabon that got me thinking of it. I just recently learned of it.
    What are your thoughts on Mr. Moon? I’d be curious to know.

  5. Very coooooool post. He was quite remarkable last night, and this morning.

  6. Natalie, I remember that story. I might have to share it with the grandkids. I just assumed everybody saw the face that I see up there. Hmmm. Interesting. Could just be my overactive imagination or wishful thinking.

    M+, thank you very much. And yes he was and tonight I believe he will be in all his glory. I will be out there basking 😉

  7. Get a glimpse quick I think we’re getting some stormy…I mean therapy weather soon!

  8. Wow Nats, I got your message just a little too late! I was in the basement trimming my hair and hurrying to get it dried so I could go out and visit Mr. Full Moon. I had BOB-FM blaring on the stereo when I heard all this banging around. I assumed it was PD screwing around. When I realized it wasn’t, I turned off my hair dryer and the radio and it was thundering and blowing like crazy. I ran upstairs to close windows but some rain had blown in. I did get a large dose of therapy when I was on the porch retrieving chair and swing cushions that had blown all over. That was some big lightning! However, I missed the Moon *frowns* Thanks just the same.

  9. Hmmm, for a second there I thought I was at the wrong blog. Linda is getting all contemplative now!

    All kidding aside, I love the moon. I used to have a telescope and that was always what I wanted to look at. I hope to get another telescope some day, I feel the moons pull.

  10. Oh thank goodness! When I saw “huge glowing ball of fiery gas” I thought you were talking about me…

  11. I still love the Margaret Wise Brown story and the simple illustrations. We continued to read “Goodnight, Moon” to the boys long after it would have been considered “age appropriate.”

    In the great green room
    There was a telephone
    And a red ballon
    And a picture of-
    The cow jumping over the moon

    And there were three little bears sitting on chairs
    And two little kittens
    And a pair of mittens
    And a little toyhouse
    And a young mouse
    And a comb and a brush and a bowl full of mush
    And a quiet old lady who was whispering “hush”

    Goodnight room

    Goodnight moon

    Good night cow jumping over the moon

    Goodnight light
    And the red balloon

    Goodnight bears
    Goodnight chairs
    Goodnight kittens
    And goodnight mittens

    Goodnight clocks
    And goodnight socks
    Goodnight little house
    And goodnight mouse

    Goodnight comb
    And goodnight brush
    Goodnight nobody
    Goodnight mush
    And goodnight to the old lady
    whispering “hush”

    Goodnight stars
    Goodnight air
    Goodnight noises everywhere

  12. Oh, and don’t forget that the words “Lunatic” and “Lunacy” take their origins from our lunar disk. Too much time under the influence of the moon could make you crazy.

  13. Jeff, this “contemplative” Linda is the real me. I just write crap on my blog everyday to please the masses.
    I can actually write and enjoy it when I feel something for the subject matter. I wrote that for me, mostly. Next time I look up at it, I’ll wonder if you are too 🙂

    Fab, Hi Buddy. You are silly 🙂

    Brian, Thanks for this! Consider it being read to the grandkids this weekend. With sound effects and all that… 🙂 I hope I gave you a nice memory of reading to Ben and Sam.
    Oh, yeah, the Lunacy thing. Ever hear Tom Cochrane sing Lunatic Fringe? Great song.
    Thanks for the “influence” advice. Remind me to tell you a story one day…

  14. dang one wink! that’s some spiffy writing right there friend lady 🙂 serious. the piglet rully, rully digs your story about the moon….

    go with this and publish a book. i double dog dare you.

  15. I need to spend more time outdoors.

  16. Piglet, I wish I had a box big enough to hold all the smiles you’ve given me. It would be as big as the Moon 😀 There’s already a book, wanna make a movie with me? You can do the moonin’.

    Fean, why don’t ya? You’re in the perfect state for it, from what I hear. How’s Gracie doing?

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