Paul Westerberg – Can’t Hardly Wait

My favorite televised musical performance of all time.

Update: try this link instead:

Then someone can comment and tell me it doesn’t work. Ha. Why do I keep trying???  Actually though, I tried the arrow about 6 times and it did play twice… Maybe you’ll get lucky.

And even if you don’t care for Paul or the song, at least appreciate the drummer, Josh. He’s a show all himself…

7 responses to “CHECKISS OUT

  1. Hey when I tried to play the video it gave me a message…”The owner of this video does not allow embedding please watch this video on”. How Rude! I guess we’ll have to go there to see it….or was I the only one to get that message?

  2. Nat, thanks for the heads up. Maybe I’ll just remove this post. Did it give you a link to click on or what? I really wanted to share this video. I have it on dvd and when I finally found it on YouTube, I thought Hey I can put this on my blog. Yeah, right. Dammit.
    Let me know if you watched it and/or liked it. Paul is my fantasy man… Yep, I’m pretty much over Brad Pitt now. For the most part, anyway…

  3. I got the same message.
    Hey, last night we had the first Letter To The Editor about the bad language at the Meatloaf concert.

  4. It didn’t give me a link to click it just said to view at YouTube. I went there and watched. It was pretty cool. I listen to a whole hodge podge of music..pretty much I’m good with anything as long as it’s not too whiny!!

  5. Kate, Hi! OMG, after all this time? I hope you saved it for our scrapbook…

    Natalie, thanks dear. I have spent a ridiculous amount of time the last two nights on YouTube. Nice diversion when you can’t sleep. PD wanted me to watch Feist’s 1234. I think he said it’s the new iPod commercial. Was interesting… the girl can’t dance for sh** but I think it’s part of her appeal.

  6. stoopid youtube RULES!

  7. P’let, don’t it? I get lost there for hours. Mainly watching bands. It’s my greatest discovery in my “over 50” years… sad, huh? Don’t care!

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