I spent some time today thinking about our homes and wanted to ask a pertinent question that would invite some “audience participation.”  I thought of asking y’all what your favorite room is in your house and why.  I guess that’s as good a question as any.

But before I answer it myself, I want to apologize for sending you on a wild goose chase. I have since fixed it but I had you looking for “Three Time Loser” on my blogroll when in reality, although that is the name of her blog, I have it listed as Hazel Hazel.  If you haven’t already, go wish my little sister a happy birthday.  She’s catching up to me and will most likely pass me up next year.  😉

I dunno if you can consider your back porch a room or not, but that’s my favorite part of my house.  And I’ve gone on and on about it in the past so I won’t beleaguer that point. So it’s your turn to answer.  I’m just getting a little antsy about “losing” my favorite “room” when the season changes to Winter.  I’ll miss sitting out there enjoying the outdoors and all that.  Yeah, I have a coat.  Several actually.  But sitting on the porch bundled up is just fun until the novelty wears off.  Then it’s just cold.

As a side note, I want to share something pretty funny I overheard at work yesterday.

Lady: “I see there’s a new cd out that I just have to have.”

Other lady:  “What is it?”

Lady:  “Willie Nelson and Sheryl Crow.”

Other Lady:  “Oh yeah?”

Lady:  “Yeah!  And they’re doing the Carpenter’s songs!”

And the best part is, she was serious.

(I know, it’s not nice to make fun.  Sometimes a situation demands it.)

Oh yeah, if you see my toolbar, tell him he’s sorely missed.

15 responses to “OUT MY ROOM

  1. My favorite room is probably my living room and then the boys bedroom…that was a project I did totally on my own and it makes me proud…well at least it did until the little stinkers ripped some of the border down!!!! Btw you’re tool bar stopped by this morning…I gave him some coffee and I thought I helped him with his problem…I told him the longer he waits to come home the harder it will be to resolve…obviously my little talk had no effect! Sorry!

  2. Nat, you kept the loft in the living room, I hope. That was way cool. I need to come see you – and your house *wink* Your house has good character. So do your boys. They got it honestly!
    Thanks for all your trouble with my tool bar. Obviously you have are better at entertaining him… I just can’t seem to keep him home.

  3. We did keep the loft. I would love for you to stop by, anytime, really. Just know that if I don’t have notice, the order of the house….well let’s just say chances are it will be a disaster! Maybe on your next shawpin’ trip or something. With all the character our house has we haven’t had much luck selling. Maybe we’d have better luck selling the b……oh I’m kidding, I wouldn’t sell the boys…maybe….

  4. My favorite room? I know I mentioned the “Guy’s Room” in my previous comment. But, believe it or not, that’s not my favorite room. I actully enjoy my gameroom more than anything. I’ve got my TV, my computer, my stationary bike and almost all of my furniture there. The only thing missing is a fridge and microwave. And I could fix that if I wanted to.

  5. My favorite place in my house, thats tough. I can’t decide between my game room where all my computer stuff is or the front porch where I can take my laptop and still surf the web if I want. I do love my wireless network.
    Still if you want me to make a firm decision I will pick the game room, the chair is more comfortable and I don’t have to fight off the bugs that are attracted to the lighted screen on my laptop.

  6. I too, am partial to my porch/balcony. It’s my “alone” time out there and I am not looking forward to the cold weather. I’ve already sat out there with a winter coat on last week when it went down to 40 degrees.

    Next is my kitchen, just because I love to cook.

  7. And no, I wasn’t going to let up on that CD purchasing comedy go without any mention. That combination could have worse effect than my quip about Regina Spektor…

  8. I’m not sure what exactly you mean by your toolbar being missing, but if it’s what I think…go up top under the “View” tab and hover over “toolbars”. You should be able to enable it there?

    My favorite room is Madeline’s room. It’s so warm and comfy in there. I am still trying to get the rest of the house cozy. I think the new carpet and some paint in the livingroom will help a lot.

  9. My favorite room is my bedroom. It’s my private space – quiet space. Beyond that – my living room – for the opposite reason. It’s where we mingle and share.

  10. M+, your gameroom sounds great.

    Jeff, it would be great to have a laptop, I could check my mail on the porch with my morning coffee and the birds.

    Hazel, your balcony is awesome, with a view of the trees and hillside. I would spend my time there too. Maybe you can get one of those little portable fireplace things for chilly days.

    BD, you didn’t say why your bathroom is your favorite room.
    I’m wracking my brain trying to remember what you said about Regina.

    Ju, not those tool bars. The one for writing posts with the fonts, bullets, links, all that stuff. I’ve been “talking” to support, someone is telling me things to try. Waiting to hear back from them since what they told me didn’t work…
    I too love Maddie’s room. It’s so “girly.” Don’t change your living room too much, I love it the way it is.

    kat, if you’re like me, a “private” place is essential. My poor, neglected studio is that place for me. Totally my own place.

  11. my bedroom is my favorite place. it’s sexy and calming and comfy. i prefer to be there all day long if i can. my favorite-ist is when i have BOTH kids and the dog and cats cuddling with me.

  12. Piglet, sounds exquisite. I envy you so, having little kids. And I wish I was as cool as you… For me, animals + bed = no.

  13. If I had a back porch, it would definitely be my favorite “room.” I usually prefer my front guest bedroom/guitar room/recliner room/computer room all rolled into one, but I suppose if porches count, I can never complain when I’m on the front porch with my grill and a cool PBR.

  14. Feanor, my goodness, I thought you flew the coop. Hope you are well. Your room sounds tres interesting and would be my favorite if I had one of those.

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