I’ve spent a week now looking forward to Talk Like A Pirate Day and I forgot about it. Bloody hell.

I’m not particularly lazy, I just don’t have time for a post tonight. But with the time you would normally spend here instead click over to the Little Sister’s place ON THURSDAY MORNING and wish her a Happy Birthday. I have no f***ing toolbar again so you’ll have to click on Hazel Hazel on my blogroll. After you get there, click on JujuBee Jenny on Hazel’s blogroll and watch the little video Ju put up.


2 responses to “CLICK CLICK

  1. well, seeing as how i am A PIRATE you’d think i’d know that. mutherf**k is all i can say about it 🙂

    and AHOY matey!

  2. P’let, there is a vid on YouTube from SNL when they were all pirates and only liked to say words with the “ARR” sound. It’s so stoopid its funny…

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