BLESSINGS (cont’d)

What do you have that counts? If you’re counting the house and the cars/SUVs and the boats and the vacation homes and the bank accounts and the frequent flyer miles and the botox injections and the fake nails and other assorted body parts and the fancy jobs with the cushy offices, maybe even approaching retirement with a hefty pension and a condo at the beach… well, if that’s what’s most important to you, then I got nuttin’.

What I do have though, is a house that I love that does not look  like a showplace and isn’t even nearly paid for.  PD (mostly) and I have worked our butts off to make it a comfortable home that I love to come home to everyday.  A home where the grandkids can run and giggle and play.  A place for family and friends to gather and enjoy laughter and food and hugs. The place where I can sleep at night and feel safe and warm.  A place that holds tons of happy memories and will always have room for more.  The place where I live with my PD that we call “Home.”

Just one thing that I’m thankful for amidst a whole slew of things.

11 responses to “BLESSINGS (cont’d)

  1. dude, you know what counts fer reals. your house sounds fun, i might come there some day. and steal all your stuff 🙂 hee. that is a joke.

    i like a house like yers and i try to make mine the same. we can throw balls in my house and one room upstairs that the kids (and adults) can draw on the walls.

  2. Piglet, I love you. Nobody else can make me laugh at 6am… please come and steal some stuff. Less for me to clean.

    I love that you have a drawing wall. The grandson has painted the glass block windows in our basement. It’s cool when the light shines thru. Houses are for living. When I was in high school I babysat for a family who had a white living room that the kids weren’t allowed in, for gawdsake.

  3. It sounds to me like you have your priorities right.

    enjoy your home

  4. You do have a very warm and inviting home! I’m sure you’ve made a lot of changes since I’ve been there, I can’t imagine what it’s like now! White living room….ha! A room that is off limits to the kids…ha! I couldn’t keep them out of any certain room in my house if I tried. I would’ve been the babysitter that let the kids in there to jump on the furniture…it would’ve been our little secret!!!!!

  5. Hey there Linda,

    Your home sounds like a wonderful place. Reminds me of my own parents’ place, dad and mom always made it a place for the family as opposed to a place to show off to folks. Dad passed on some years ago at the ripe old age of 94, mom’s holding the fort now with a sis who lives with her, and Home is still where everybody (8 kids, what can I say, we had productive parents!) heads to for rest and comfort and a sense of belonging.

    imho the luckiest people are those who have a family home to go back to anytime.

    by the way, album should be ready soon, just got the CD art ready…here ,take a look:
    [URL=]Raggy: Maybe Some Day CDart[/URL]

    you beter send me your mailing address 🙂


  6. I have JT, a slightly less than fresh dog and a music collection that would give Richard Branson a sore head…

    I do like my new car though and not working is one of the best things about moving continent with even savings in a bank account.

    Or is this one of these introspective: these walls we climb now, escape the nest somehow? Get your priorities right people type rants?

    For a long time the general fold of society has been one of appearance over substance. Consummerism, commercialism, Americanism, Westernizing, if thats allowed…

  7. I love my home too. Seeing it from it’s inception really helped me to appreciate it all the more. I got to pick how it was going to look and what color it would be. I like that! Now if I could just get the inside the way I want it. No nothing fancy, just anything other than eggshell white!

  8. I love my house too. It needs a lot of work, none of which I can afford, but it keeps me out of the elements. And I’m truly blessed to have it.
    Before the Ex left me, we used to argue about cleaning for company. I used to always tell her “Relax, everybody knows we really LIVE here.”. And you can have white furniture with kids and not forbid them from being in that room. We had it for several years before it got ruined in our house fire. Kids will listen if you don’t make a big deal out of it. It’s the forbiddeness of the situation that makes it so difficult.
    We had a chalkboard wall in the old house (the one that burned down). It was really cool. Now we have a “Guy’s Room” in the basement – my collection of weaponry on one of the walls, and Bob’s Legos, and action figures layed out in action scenes.

  9. Everybody, Your comments are all so great, I think I’ll do a post tomorrow incorporating all these thoughts. I really appreciate your thoughts. I think it’s quite interesting that talking about one’s home really seems to open people up. 🙂

  10. Hey Linda,

    looks like my comment is in there after all at no.5 ! Crazy things, these spam filters, eh?

    have a nice day,


  11. Raggy, yes, it did eventually show up there. Now I know how the de-spam works. I’m so glad I found your comment in there.

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