One of my favorite pastimes used to be Blog Surfing. I don’t know if that’s an actual name for an actual activity but that’s what I call it. Once in awhile, after reading my regular reads, if I had time, I’d scoot my mouse up to the top of the screen and click on the little button marked Next Blog. I would take a quick look around the blog I came to and if it appealed to me I would linger a bit and scroll up and down to get a feel for it. It doesn’t usually take long to decide if there is something worth my time to read or look at. I have found some really interesting sites that way. One in particular, being Izabella’s Velvet and Rust site, which I would gladly link but now I see that my tool bar is once again, MIA. Thank you very much, WordPress. I’ll come back later and hopefully fix that…

I would check out blog after blog, adding the interesting ones to my favorites to go back to later. Often times I would become a regular reader and make great friends while I was being entertained and learning new things and getting new ideas. I liken the activity to spending the afternoon in a book store poring of tons of books- only instead of shelling out tons of money on an armload of books, I just click here and there and end up with a long list of free reading material.

Well, I hadn’t done this in ages, mostly due to time constraints. Last night after PD went to bed and I was wide awake and working on burning a couple of cds, I decided to do some surfing.

There can be irritations along the way. Some blogs (namely those freaky Japanese teenager’s blogs* with all the weird, blaring music and the cutesy graphics that dance all over the page) don’t have a Next Blog button so you have to click Back and then click Next Blog twice to skip over the weird one. And once in awhile you would have to skip the ones that are dedicated to selling you vitamins, or a health plan from France or some other damn thing. But mostly you would find blog after blog after blog and be amazed at the array and number of blogging sites.

Well. Last night I decided that I’d neglected my hobby a bit too long. I started at my own blog, anxious to see what I would find of interest. Instead of blog after blog, what came glaring back at me on the screen was more like this: A blog and then a site devoted to some asinine money-making scheme and then a blog or two and then some porn. Then a blog or two and then some porn. No thanks, I don’t want to get laid tonight and I’m certainly not interested in some fat, sleazy-looking women in saggy underwear who want to make my dreams or someone else’s come true. I just want to read some interesting blogs.

It was a disturbing eye opener for me. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not naive and I know there are tons and tons of porn on the Internet. But I didn’t think it was taking over the Blogosphere. Don’t they have their own separate section for spreading their, um… stuff? All I could think of was dammit, this shit is wayyyyy too accessible. I bet there was a porn site every ten clicks and I’m not exaggerating. And in a half an hour’s time, I only found maybe 15 blogs and only 3 or 4 were serious blogs that you could tell the owners took some pride in. Doesn’t Blogger or WordPress or Typepad or any of those enforce any kind of decency regulations? I don’t know, I’m just asking.

I considered clicking the “flag this blog for objectionable content” buttons, but I don’t want a bunch of slutty women and horny men coming after me. I’m guessing they could be pretty threatening if you piss them off… I dunno.

Thanks for letting me get that out. I am trying to keep my blog from being all negative and whiney but I just had to address this. I feel a wee bit better having gotten this off my chest. ]What are your feelings on the subject?

*Please understand that I meant freaky Blogs and not freaky Japanese. I Love Japanese people. Some of their teens just seem to have some odd ways of expressing themselves…

18 responses to “EYE OPENER

  1. Damn I was hoping no one that I actually knew would find that!!!

  2. Nat, you’re bad. When I said you should have a blog, I thought you understood what I meant. ;-P

  3. I can see how that would be frustrating. I think I used the “next blog” feature once or twice, and realized fairly quickly that I wasn’t getting anywhere constructive. Now, my blog doesn’t feature that, and it’s just as well. I hate the idea of my blog’s linking to another randomly chosen site that may or may not offend a reader. That was one motivation for moving off a blog service.

    I hope your innocent eyes weren’t too scandalized.

  4. we have the same peeves on blog surfing! one being not being able to hit next if you get a weird teenage one. i haven’t been lucky enough to find porn ones, and i hope i don’t. i’m porn enough, no extra stuff required πŸ™‚

  5. please send links….
    J/J it does suck. It really defeats the purpose of BLOGGING! Sorry for yelling but it really irks me.

  6. That used to drive me nuts! I haven’t done it in a long time because it seemed like every other nextblog was an annoying overly done up asian one. And frequently they would cause my computer to get hung up since they would have this weird circular okay message thing that also drove me nuts. I haven’t done it in quite awhile, though.

  7. That is why I do most of my surfing from other peoples blog rolls. So come on people, find me more stuff to read!

  8. P’let, yepper, we hear us. You’re porn enough. LOL, yeah, you posting nude sketches from restaurants and all…

    TC, let’s start a coalition, Bloggers Against Pornography On the Web, aka BAPOW.

    Jo, Nice that you came back. Maybe there needs to be different networks for different blogs with a rating system. Mine, I would give a NC17 on my worst (or best depending on how you look at it…) days. If I could resist the cussin’ and swearin’ and really tried hard, I could maybe squeeze by with a G rating.
    There should be an x- rated browser or something that is password protected just for the racy stuff. I think of the kids home alone or unsupervised browsing the web and it makes me sick.

    Jeff, I have a list a mile long in my favorites of mostly funny or thought-provoking blogs. Next chance I get, I’ll look through them and send you some links. Sheesh, I’m trying to cut down and you’re collecting!

  9. Don’t get me started…
    The “next blog” button has become my mortal enemy. And we were such good friends once.

  10. M+, with your permission, I’m going to assume that it’s for the same reason? It stinks when good friendships go sour.

  11. I actually volunteer as a helper with Blogger on their help groups on Google Groups and we see lots of issues with the next blog button. Blogger does try to wipe out the porn and other TOS violations when they get wind of them but keeping up with them is an uphill battle. Flag away, by the way….no one can track that you flagged their blog.

    Careful in your surfing on the navbar as well because it seems there are some malicious people out there that have inserted viruses that try to load when you go their blogs. If your system is protected well, you don’t have to worry much.

    It is just a pain in the ass that because blogging has become popular all the jackasses out there have to surface and try to make it into some scheme for them.

  12. I noticed this right off when I came to this forum. I have actually found a few cool pages, but most of them are what you described.

    I have been waiting to return to my old forum … but, I will most likely continue to maintain this one as well. I need a place to unload my thoughts … it’s theraputic and now has become, as you put it, “a hobby”.

    But, it is very hard to connect to interesting people when you have so much propaganda to sift through.

  13. i know exactly what you mean…i am long past blog surfing because they’re is a lot of junk out there…

    i find it much more reliable to jump through other people’s links and comments if you want to explore because it certainly is safer, it’s probably in your language, and it is still an adventure!

  14. Here is a ‘Random’ blog you’ll be able to peruse…


    Isn’t part of the pleasure from viewing the random blogs getting the sense of ‘ha’, check my blog?

    Try other peoples blogroll when you find a good one.

  15. Mishka, Thanks for the info. I was joking about the “flag” option. I flagged every single one of those violators πŸ™‚ Have you gotten moved yet? I’ll need to come over and see how you’re doing…

    Kat, you found all the interesting people in one place when you came here, don’tcha know?

    RC, Hi and welcome. And thanks for your thoughts. We are agreed. Speaking of blog surfing, I’ve come across you before… I think we may have read the same blog awhile back. I’ll be darned if I can recall which one. Help me out if you know?

    BD, thanks for the link, I’ll check it out first chance I get.
    Actually, I hadn’t thought of that ‘ha’ thing, but it has happened that way in some instances where I visited a blog and they returned the favor.

  16. Yes, that was a safe assumption. “spam”-blogs, porn/pseudo-porn/”dating” blogs and japanese teenage bloggers – who are freakier than any other teenage bloggers in this world – are way too wierd for my tastes. And that seems to be the only thing I find when I hit the “next blog” button.
    It sucks when friends go insane…

  17. M+, Aye, my friend. Don’t you be goin’ crazy or sour or any ‘o that! πŸ˜‰

  18. I agree with you. I am new to blogging. I have taken blog lessons from Mike Sansone (www.converstations.com). I am trying to my blog popular. I make new posts every Monday through Friday. I missed one day due to a cold. However, I am trying to get my blog known. Check it out. I would like to know what you think.

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