I just noticed the better part of my blogroll is missing. Yay, I had nothing better to do today than piss around with my blog. Sneer, sneer.

I had three categories under the heading of Blogroll, those being Business, Playtime and of course, the blogs I read. So now I see everything but the Business portion is missing. Which doesn’t make sense to me since the entire blogroll is contained in one widget labeled Links. Wtf?

Let’s hope this negativity splat on my pretty, happy canvas is temporary.

Update:  Acc’ding to WordPress, this is happening a lot.  I now see that, although there are comments on this post,  it’s showing 0 Comments. Wonder what that’s all about???  And NOW I see the toolbar at the top of this posting page is MIA.  WTF.  OK, pretend that this Update is italicized and in a smaller font.  Maybe in a pretty magenta color.  Whatever.

Update update: My Blogroll is back , the comments are registering AND my tools are back.  Life is good 🙂

5 responses to “GLITCH

  1. I noticed on mine that the other day Blogrolling stopped feeding my blogroll to my blog and because of that, my entire sidebar from the blogroll down disappeared. I didn’t mess with it because I figured it was just a glitch and everything would return, and it has but it bothered me none the less.

  2. Mishka, I just returned from visiting the WordPress forum and this is a common problem and from what I understand, “they’re working on it…” So it wasn’t something I did. Phew… Here’s a link to the page referring to the problem.

  3. I’d say it’s great that WordPress lets you do more than Blogger, but it doesn’t seem like that’s the REAL truth, now does it? Just kidding…
    In time you’ll have all of these problems resolved, and – like me – you’ll have new issues to gripe about.

  4. M+, Ha! No kidding. Your second point… ain’t that the truth?

  5. thank god, i can call off that searching party 🙂

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