Ok, so I did it. It kind of feels like if you dye your hair and you’re not sure if you like it or not. I think I do. Just not as much as my old one. But at some point I plan to change the picture and that will be fun and a good way to express myself. I’d really like to feature some of my own work up there. That will be my down-the-road project. I just really needed a change and this was the only available template that had all (or most) of the features I want and need. All through the previewing process, it occurred to me how much I would LOVE to be a web designer. Or a web page designer. What do you call it? I know my blog name and subtitle don’t go with the picture. I thought about changing the whole deal, my name and stuff to suit the picture cause I really love the picture. I have a whole list of names and themes that I made up before I settled on One Wink. I should just start 5 or 6 blogs, each with a theme and post on the one that suits my mood. Ah, ha ha. Right.Β  But when I realized that my mail, some of my usernames on different sites and everything is all tied up with One Wink, I decided to just hang on to it.Β  It’s me, after all.

Do you all know where One Wink at a Time originated as the title for my blog? If not, go here and read please. (Oops, that link didn’t work, I don’t know how to link to an individual post in archives. But if you’re interested, it is the December 06, 2005 post that you can find if you scroll almost the whole way to the bottom of the page. The post title is One Wink… ) There are only a few of my original readers who still come here, actually. And God bless them for hangin’ on all this time. I must have scared some of the others away.

I have been loving the change in the weather. Fall is my favorite time of the year. I love the crispness in the air. The really good stuff comes later with the changing colors of the leaves and the smells and the terrific Fall skies, but I’m completely content with what’s going on right now. It just makes ya feel so damn glad to be alive.

22 responses to “OOOOH. AHHHH.

  1. I really like it–the picture is beautiful! I am a huge fan of fall weather too! It would be really cool if you put some of your own work on. You seem to be in a great mood–it’s nice to hear(read).

  2. Nat, wow I missed you πŸ™‚ I think I finally got all that medication out of my system and maybe that explains my mood. That whole deal was no fun. I do feel better and my outlook is improved. Thanks for noticing πŸ˜‰

  3. First things first. Love the new look.
    Next, to link to a single post from your archives: Go to archive. Scroll down to post. Click on Comments. Copy the address line. Paste it to where you want it. Delete the “#comments” part of the address. Ta-Da !!
    That’s how I do it.
    It’s funny that you should mention the changing seasons. I just finished posting about the same thing. Uncanny, isn’t it?

  4. Love the new look….

  5. The fall rules.

    Your new look is great, and you’re probably not surprised to hear me say it.

    I’m glad it was painless for you. It’s about time you had good luck with computers.

    Yay for drugs being out of your system!

  6. M+, Thanks Buddy. I think I’ll spend the remainder of the year linking to old posts. Kidding! But at least I’ll know how to do it. I was on your site earlier tonight. It’s my bedtime now, will visit soon πŸ™‚

    Mishka, Hi! And thank you very much πŸ™‚

    It does!
    Thank you and I’m not πŸ˜‰ Good taste, huh?
    Not as glad as I am. You’re just glad I’m not whining. :-Þ
    Three more days of antibiotics (bronchitis) and I’ll be, if not sober, at least clean.

  7. Man it is hard to believe it has been that long! You must be darn god cause I only stick with a few this long. You and Chris are the longest running in my daily reads! YOU ROCK

    Oh and I really like the new look.

  8. That should read darn good, not god. Sorry God!

  9. Jeff, I would have editted that out for you but its too funny…
    To be in ANY category with the Cactus Man is quite an honor, one that I don’t deserve, but an honor nonetheless. πŸ™‚

  10. I’ve been here all along..reading daily…just kind of lurking! I’ve just been in a blah mood for some reason so I haven’t had much to say to encourage you.

  11. Cool new look! Nice and clean.

  12. Oh, I love the graphic. Very soothing. And I second your thoughts on Fall. My favorite season too. In three weeks we leave for our annual trip to Vermont and I can’t wait! The cooler temperatures and lower humidity just do wonders for my state of mind. Ahhhhhhh.

    (I’ve missed your visits to my site, by the way.)

  13. The cool weather is coming and definitely inspires my writing. I look forward to it every year. oh and btw I guess the blog is OK.

  14. Hazel, Thanks very much. Your opinion means the world to me. Not that I’m as insecure as to be holding my breath over a blog makeover, mind you, but I just wanted you to know your opinion in general means the world to me πŸ˜‰

    Natalie Darling, you should have said something. I would have posted funny stuff ‘specially for you. Probly would have made us both feel better…

    Teej, thanks bud. It’s funny, “the look” makes me feel like I should write important stuff now. Uh oh. Too much pressure.

    Brian Sweetheart, Thank you. Soothing you was my number one priority with the new look πŸ˜‰ Please find room in the car for one more. Thanks.
    Isn’t it amazing the effect that a season has on one’s mental state? TC agrees.
    Please, don’t miss me. I’ve decided to save you for the weekends. Your posts are way too thought-inspiring and entertaining to flit over and hurriedly comment. I like to digest your posts and my metabolism is sluggish. (Eww, didn’t mean that to sound gross like it did.) Not that I hurriedly read any other blogs… yours just makes my mind shift to overdrive. Lord, how many metaphors can I cram into one reply???

    TC, I’m glad cause you do not write nearly enough to keep me satisfied. I was shooting for “amazing” but I’ll settle for “OK” because I know your standards are lofty πŸ˜‰

  15. TC, and yet you put up with me…

  16. I know what you mean about losing your circle of virtual friends … I recently endured a series of personal crisis’ (as if it really is over yet … um … right) and the people I connected with online were so supportive. But, in time, I felt it necessary to kind of break away … needed that … and, I find it heartwarming that a few of them have actually gone out of their way to visit my page here …

    Ah – I’m rambling again …

    Love the picture and you know – I think the wink thing does fit in an abstract way. But, I haven’t read the referenced blog post either, so I probably don’t get the full context. But, sometimes the images we have are literally a mere wink IN time …

    I’ll make a note to come back and read the post.

  17. Kat, I think there are different levels of bonding in this virtual world. Some last, some don’t. And of course people change and move on, same thing happens sometimes in real life. If we are wise, we hold on to the good and try to learn what we can from the other experiences. The readers that I have right now are one awesome group of people. They have been here for me through some rough times and rejoice with me when things are good. It’s a give and take kind of thing, I try to support them the same way. My blog is a kind of refuge for me sometimes, a “safe” place to come for letting off steam, sharing dreams, whatever. I think bloggers understand this about each other.
    Um, don’t ever feel you’re “rambling,” I understand, there’s lots of room here πŸ˜‰
    You know, I tried and tried to find a way to tie the pic with my title and I thought maybe I could connect them somehow and got bored with it and thought, what the heck. But your brain works better than mine if you could make it work!

  18. Looks nice. At least you know what the words say, I just chose mine because it looked nice…even if i can’t read the Italian writing on it.

    P.s. Fall is too close to winter for me to like.

  19. Bu, For goodness sake! Thought we’d lost you! I’ve been thinking of you lately and hope you’re doing well.
    Your banner is really nice. You really shouldn’t just let it sit there, you know, unused.
    The fact you stated is the only thing I don’t like about Fall.

  20. i don’t know how to type out the sound of a wolf whistle but i’m doing that now. i likes, it’s purty.

    as for the “matching”, who’s to say there isn’t a woman in those woods winking at somebody and we just can’t see them?

    this: “I should just start 5 or 6 blogs, each with a theme and post on the one that suits my mood.” is a good idear me thinks πŸ™‚

    the link for a particular post is usually at the top or bottom of the post. example: for the post you tried to link it’s at the bottom hiding in the 6:03pm.

    i love fall too.

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