1. (Pretend that numeral is not there to the left. I can’t make it go away) Just to show you how adept I am at multi-tasking, let me list for you all the things I am presently- meaning At This Very Moment– doing. Here we go. I am:
  1. Cursing myself for not remembering the exact moment to turn on bullets to save oneself the headache of starting over a post.
  2. Clenching my teeth as a result of #1.
  3. Washing clothes in the washing machine.
  4. Drying clothes in the dryer.
  5. Cooking dinner in the oven.
  6. Waiting for not one, but two return phone calls.
  7. Charging my cell phone.
  8. Aging. (so are you, don’t laugh ;-Þ)
  9. Doing my kegels.
  10. Listening to The Red House Painters sing All Mixed Up
  11. Waiting for PD to yell and say the washer is off balance, or
  12. Waiting for PD to yell and say dinner is ready.
  13. Wishing it was Friday evening instead of Sunday evening.
  14. Craving a smoke.
  15. Breathing.
  16. Getting chilled from the AC blowing on me.

Listening to my stomach growl in between the Painters singing.

Now wtf. I turn bullets off when I’m done typing #17. Back to clenching. Dammit. I hate computers. And surprise, now the phantom broadcast is blaring through my speakers, drowning out my music.  Now guess what I’m doing???  If you guessed mumbling curse words, you are correct.

I just bet you didn’t know how talented I am.  And I wasn’t even trying. How many things can you do at once?

12 responses to “A QUICK ILLUSTRATION…

  1. Well…
    I could probably do all of those things. But by the time I get to number 5, I usually decide to go take a nap and pray God will give me a do-over.

  2. See if it wasn’t for computers you wouldn’t have been able to do all those things or number them. You should be thanking them.

  3. I’m a mom…nuff said!

  4. M+, LOL. What I wouldn’t give for a do-over now and then!

    TC, Ok, to make you happy… “Thank You Computer.” I really should be thankful. No computer = No TC. 😦

    Natalie, I’ve missed you terribly. Who am I to talk to you about multi-tasking???!!! Apples and Oranges. I got the bag, you got the tree 😉

  5. You are FAR more talented than I! (giggles)

  6. I was having trouble with weird sounds coming through my speakers awhile back. Mostly I was catching cb radio signals. I tried moving the wires around and then I tried plugging them in to another outlet. Then I just said to hell with it and went out and got some that had a shielded cable.

  7. wow! i find that if i am not doing five or more things at once then i am not truly happy.

    kegels rock!

  8. Kat, I think not. 🙂

    Jeff, It hasn’t happened for two days, I hope its done. I’m not as handy as you.

    Piglet, I like to keep it to a minimum of one or two…
    Keep up with the kegels, you’ll thank yourself when you get to be my age!

  9. Isn’t Little Thoughts a Bloc Party song?

  10. BD, it is. Not sure what that has to do with this… I would hope you will tell me but you won’t.
    I truly would like to know how you are.

  11. It rhymes with Italy…

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