Of all the trials and tribulations of navigating the Internet I’ve experienced, this new thing has to be one of the most annoying. There is a tv station or something coming through on my speakers. This has been happening intermittently for a little over a week. It’s not all the time but usually in the evenings. At first it sounded like the same episode of something akin to Jackass: The Movie playing over and over. Imagine a bunch of rowdy teenage boys screwing around. Not much of it was intelligible although you could make out an occasional swear word. Lots of laughing mostly. Annoying? As hell. Sure, it would seem easy just to turn the speaker off but I constantly listen to music when I’m on here.

So tonight I come on here and I’m trying to listen to Pushmonkey‘s I’m Sorry (sorry, can’t give you a link to the song, there seems to be a query of queries runtime error on their site. guess that’s why the song is called I’m Sorry?…) and I can hear this obnoxious Jenny McCarthy-type talking over the music. So I turn off the music and this broad is going on and on about Wild Hogs, the stupidest movie I’ve seen this year. So stupid that I’m not even going to waste the time it would take to link.

Anyone else ever have this problem? I’ve had experience with telephone conversations coming in on baby monitors and stuff like that, but I don’t think this needs to be happening. Especially when I’m cranky. Come to think of it, I wasn’t cranky ten minutes ago.

Come back tomorrow if you’re interested in what I thought of Shopgirl. Maybe you should rush out and rent it now if you haven’t seen it so we can compare notes.

12 responses to “STOPPIT !!!

  1. Never had that happen before … I would end up paranoid. (laughing).

  2. Kat, I’m way past paranoid, just plain anoid. 😉 although now that I think of it Para- is the latin prefix meaning “beyond”, so beyond annoyed is exactly the correct word. Yes, I am parannoyed.

  3. Oooh. I like that new word!

    Never had the problem you speak of. My speakers aren’t working at all at the moment. 😦

  4. Mmh…

    Made up words often end up being ridcule for me.

  5. Hazel, it is a great word, I think I’m going to keep it. I love how my mind works on a NyQuil hangover 😉 Just another one of the perks of the miracle drug.

    BD, I only wish there was a drug that could get my brain to the level on which yours dwells…
    How are you anyway, in plain language? Been wondering.

  6. That’s really odd! I’ve never had that happen before either. Though I’ve heard of similar things happening due to powerful radio transmitters being nearby.

  7. Teej, Yeah, well, I seem to be an odd-thing magnet 😉

  8. I’ve had this happen at my office. It always sounds like it’s coming from a dispatcher’s radio system, going out to drivers or delivery people. There’s laughing and rude talk interspersed with directions to places. Given the jumble of buildings in New York City and the number of different signals that must bounce between those buildings, I’m not surprised by this occurrance.

  9. Brian, I guess that makes sense in the city but I’m like in rural suburbia… I dunno. It’s not happening today. I’ve been blaming everything on the weather and hormones lately. This didn’t seem to fit in either category. :-Þ

  10. Actually, it probably is related to hormones, since women’s hormones have been responsible for myriad strange phenomena in nature, from spontaneous combustion, UFOs, and the exploding heads of brow-beatene husbands. In this case, the hormones probably attract stray radio signals that are floating around in the ether.

  11. pour me a blodg

  12. Brian, you are a genius ass, which is the most intelligentest of all the asses. Thanks for the explanation. Could be the Ovaradar in overdrive or something. What’s an “ether”?

    TC, LOL. I gave you an olive instead of a cherry this time. No ice. Shaken.

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