I decided that you’re probly about as sick of reading about me as I am of writing about me so let’s do something different today.

My cousin Chris and her family have very recently gone on a little “outing.”  More than an outing, actually.  Her son TJ, who has this great blog (which I never knew about until earlier this year when I stumbled upon it by accident while web surfing… yes, it was an Amazing coincidence) posted a video of their experience.  TJ’s video is on the blog and there is a link to Chris’s video in the comments following the post.  Go there and get goosebumps like I did.

Little Juju (The Grandson) is having his first day of the second grade tomorrow.  Is he excited?  As per our telephone conversation earlier this evening: “Nah.”

Sister Hazel is now officially on the writing staff at the Peevery.  I’m tickled for her.  That’s some dern good peevin’ goin’ on over there iffin’ yer in the mood…  I go there when I get tense and let out some steam every now and then. Good for the soul 😉

9 responses to “PRETEND I’M NOT HERE

  1. Thanks for the link and the comments! You should still keep skydiving on your to-do list…just find someone who hasn’t gone and the both of you can go and be moral support for each other. : )

  2. That was CRAZY! And I loved it!

    I had to meet my fear of heights head-on when I became a ropes course facilitator several years ago. I was jumping out of trees like it was nothing.

    But, a plane! Maybe someday. We’ll see.

  3. TJ, Aw man, that is sooo tempting. Especially since your mom was so thrilled with it. I’ll think on it…

    Mark, I’m picturing you as Tarzan right now… 😉

  4. Let’s see that MistyLook in your One Wink eye.

  5. Mark, How’s about we just look at the picture that’s already on there until the genie grants me a few wishes? But what you said was really witty. I guess that means it’s ok with you 🙂 Thanks Buddy.

  6. TC stays on the ground the pictures even scared him.

  7. TC, aw, Buddy. That was heartless of me, I should have warned you.

  8. It is ok I will get over it.

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