I did it.  I survived, but barely.  Working four 10-hour days is definitely not my bottle of beer.  cup of tea.  I couldn’t get to sleep at night and couldn’t wake up in the morning.  Driving to work in the dark with pea-soup fog is for the birds.  My body hurts.  And I now have a nasty chest cold.  But (and I say this with all the oomph this poor body can muster) I now have four, glorious free days off work to enjoy.  Whooppeeee.

Please forgive my less-than-infectious enthusiasm.  I guess I’m looking at the next few days as recuperation time more than anything.  Not how I wanted to spend the last holiday of the summer.  Yeah, I’m cranky.  You should be used to it by now.

Sister Hazel has posted about the tent prank at the family reunion.  They put the little wee tent in the bigger tent and …  well, you can go there and see for yourself.  😀  There’s a lot going on over there.  She’s got some awesome pictures from her trip to Vegas and is pimping votes for her position on the writing staff of The Peevery.  She gets my vote,  family ties or not.  She’s cute, smart and wickedly funny.

I don’t have a lot planned for the weekend, as I said.  However PD and I will be making our annual pilgrimage to the Labor Day Celebration at a great park near our home which features an awesome flea market.  We both love looking at lots of useless junk which we do not need and cannot fit into our home.  Fear not, we’ll no doubt bring as much home as we can afford and fit into my car… all the while, the phrase “We really don’t need this  ___(fill in the blank)____” echoing over and over in each of our heads.  Mine more so than his.

As yet I haven’t had to face any further anxiety,  but I’ve also not been in an unfamiliar situation since the “thing” happened.  I’m praying The Prayer, counting my blessings, missing the kids (oops, did I write that???) and trying to get more sleep.

In case I don’t get back here, I wish you all a safe and happy holiday weekend.

12 responses to “AHHHHHH…

  1. Hey sis, thanks for the shout-out; I appreciate it.

    I think you’re in the minority on the 4-10’s stand. Once you get used to it, I think you’ll like it.

    I miss going to the park on Labor Day. Buy something useless for me!

    I’m going to be in town Friday night…can I visit you?

  2. Hazel, Absolutely come see me! And I hope you’re bringing pictures and my winnings 😉
    I know I’m in the minority and I will not change my mind. Period. I’m equally miserable during sieges of overtime. I hope I never have to get used to it.
    I promise not to be cranky when you come. 🙂 Let’s just not talk about work, k? K.

  3. You two have fun, and Linda, enjoy those four days.

    Buy a bunch of crap at the flea market. I’m always fascinated by those things, but brokeness comes in very handy.

  4. I hope you have an awesome holiday weekend as well. My hosting company moved my site to a new server and the nameserver won’t be updated till the end of the weekend, so I won’t be posting anything anyway.
    I hope this server is better than the last one, which made me crazy!

  5. Ya gotta love a 4 day weekend. I know I do, and I’m doing it right now…
    Hope you get much relaxation in.

  6. Hazel: You should know by now that she LIKES being in the minority!

    Mom: We miss you too. Have fun this weekend, wish we could have come.

  7. Mark, Thanks, you too. Yeah, most likely we will buy a bunch of crap, but cool crap. It’s hard to say no to cheap… BTW, that was really nice what you said about me and Ju on your site the other day. A hug for you.

    Amigo, I haven’t been able to get on your site, I’ll just miss you for awhile longer. Good luck with the transition. Have a good weekend.

    M+, Have a great one! Will you be spending time with your family?

    Ju, she knows. She’s the eternal optimist, always trying to reassure. One of her many sweetnesses.
    Have a great time at the Lake, I’ll be with you in Spirit.

  8. Since my first wife and I didn’t have kids, we had “stuff.” We collected so many different antique “things,” from art pottery to victrolas and 1930s-model floor radios. Any sign for an antique mall or a flea market was an invitation to pull over. Our philosophy was always “buy now, find a place for it later.” Remember, you can always rearrange things to accommodate new items. However, you might not have a second chance to purchase that piece of art glass, or the $5 box of miscellaneous 1950s kitchen utensils. And remember, a purchase of furniture promises additional horizontal space for the placement of those smaller knick-knacks one feels compelled to buy.

  9. Thanks. I do have some great plans for the weekend, and they began last night. Some of it involves the family, some of it not. Everyone needs and deserves a little bit of “me” time now and then.

  10. Brian, same with PD and I. We started out collecting teddy bears (pseudo-kids?) but that wore off when we bought our house. Deep down in, I wonder if we each decided to make our home into the homes of our grandparents’ as we loved and remembered them. The “horizontal space” made me laugh. An ex-brother-in-law once pronounced that if you present a horizontal surface to any woman in our family, she will cover it.

  11. I don’t cover them , I clear them.

  12. Ju, Yepper, you do. And a fine job you do, at that. You’re breaking the chain 🙂

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