I’m watching the lunar eclipse this morning. Off and on, of course, while getting ready for work.

I want to wish my good friend Matt a very Happy Birthday today. 🙂

7 responses to “HEY MR. MOON, WHERE ARE YOU?

  1. A lunar eclipse?? Damn! I didn’t know about it. I love watching those. (And I’m being serious, not at all sarcastic! Of course, you know I’m such a nerd.)

  2. I watched it too, and took photos of course! Bigger geek then Brian.

  3. Brian and Jeff (aka the Geeksters), I learned a valuable lesson this morning. As follows: Never report on your blog something which you assume you will be doing, as if you had actually done it. I knew it was going on and saw evidence on the news when I got up at 4:35am. Yet, when I finished posting and went outside, FOG, nothing but FOG. Fog until almost 9am. I’m sorry I lied, Internet.

  4. It’s OK Wink, I saw the whole thing.
    When I stepped outside of the house, about one third of the moon was covered by shadow.
    When I stopped for my morning pick-me-up it was a little more than halfway hidden.
    By the time I got to the parking lot at work, the full moon was a magnificent shade of blood-red. And it was low enough on the horizon that it looked huge.
    How’s that for the play-by-play?

  5. M+, well, thank you very much, kind sir. I guess your fog must have gravitated to these here parts 😉 Click on Jeff’s Darn Blog on my sidebar for some pictures to refresh it for you.

  6. I slept instead.

  7. TC, I’m very disappointed in you, young man. ;-P

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