The Serenity Prayer. I gave a copy of it to my dad when he found out he was dying with cancer. Yesterday my doctor told me to pray it when I started to feel anxious. He absolutely did not strike me as a particularly religious kind of guy. It surprised me a little when he suggested it…

After having done a little reading on the prayer, I’m finding it’s meaning (although I always thought it was awesome to ask these favors) is a bit deeper and even has different versions. If you click on the link, scroll about half-way down the page and read all the places you can find allusions to the prayer.

Not a lot of people seem to pray any more and don’t believe their prayers are heard. If nothing else, when I say these words and send them out into the cosmos with my best intentions, I’ll be reinforcing my own wish to change what I can about the world. I’m not real keen on accepting it the way it is, so I guess it’s pretty important that I figure out what is and isn’t mine to mess with.

God grant me the serenity to accept the
            things I cannot change,
courage to change the things I can,
and the wisdom to know the difference.

7 responses to “KEEPIN’ WITH THE PLAN

  1. If I’m not mistaken, one of the intentions of the prayer is about us changing things within ourselves. I can scarcely have a huge impact on the entire universe, but I can make subtle changes in my own little corner of it by changing how I react to the things in my life that I have no control over.
    Of course, I could be wrong about this. But when you think about what prayer really is, do we really believe we’re making God change His mind? Or are we really trying to get our own way of thinking in line with His?

  2. M+, I’ve struggled with this off and on the past year or so, kind of along the lines of “Who are we to ask God to change His Plan to meet our own insignificant needs?” But I’ve been told and shown Bible passage after passage that says basically that God wants us to ask and we will receive. I guess it depends on what you ask for (re: what you brought up). I would never ask to win the lottery or something like that. I rarely pray for myself except to ask for strength or wisdom to be a better person.

  3. this, my friend is a great place to start 🙂

  4. You mean I shouldn’t be asking him to rig the lottery for me? That explains a lot.

    Actually I try to stay in a state of continual prayer. I don’t think we are asking Him to change anything per se since He already knew we were going to ask it!

  5. If there was anything relevant, take care of what you can and let the rest pass…

    My grandfather used to tell me not to stress about anything I can’t control, maybe that just made me more controlling cause I still feel more strung out than I can swallow. I could get rid of those luxury items that I can’t direct properly and live a ‘different’ way…

  6. It’s true that we are to ask in the belief that God will give us what we ask. I’m quite familiar with many of the verses that tell us that. But there are also passages that tell us that we can ask for things out of the wrong motive, and those things usually aren’t granted to us.
    But I’ve also come to realize that as I pray, my desires begin to come into line with what God would want for me. So, as I ask God to fullfil those desires, He is willing to do that because He is the one who has placed those desires in my heart.
    In other words, whatever it is that I’m asking Him to change about the universe, the world, my life, your life, or whatever, is already something that He would like to see changed. When I bring it to Him in prayer it’s like giving Him permission to work where my Freewiill was stopping Him from working before.
    That’s why we can ask for things for ourselves. If He’s given us the desire, then He probably wants us to ask. But I don’t think that applies to the Lottery, unless we plan on giving all of it away.

    I hope that wasn’t too preachy…

  7. Piglet, it’s great to know I have your support. Means a lot to me.

    Jeff, our lottery is up WAY high, very tempting 😉
    I’m working on that very thing. Over the past couple days, it’s kind of working out that way…

    BD, I’m working on changing the things I can, having trouble accepting the others.
    Your grandfather sounds like a very wise man. I know what you mean about the controlling thing, I am more so that way when I find myself not having control over much of anything. I need to feel in control, and badly. Life can be so complicated when we fill it with too many “cushy” things…

    M+, not too preachy at all. I’m learning from you. 🙂

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