The weekend was beyond great.  We rolled in later in the evening last night and unpacked the car and showered off 3 days of camping crud and pretty much died when our heads hit the pillows.  I’ll bring you details later.

Thought for the day:  I feel so very, very blessed to belong to the family I do.  They’re a little nuts, yeah, but God, I love ’em!

6 responses to “COMIN’ DOWN

  1. You died when your head hit the pillow? So…are you a zombie now?

    This is a zombie blog?

  2. Hi Fab! I miss you!
    Yes, this is a zombie blog. And judging by the traffic today, well… that’s all I’m going to say. Glad to see that you’re alive!

  3. Glad you had a good time. Did you take pictures?

  4. Jeff, I did. But none are incriminating. Except for some that were taken of my brother which I’m sure Hazel will share when she gets back from Las Vegas.

  5. One of those as long as the setting sun will shine…

  6. BD, I so completely, totally appreciate your comment. It sounds beautiful. And I’m rilly, rilly glad to hear from you since I miss you terribly. I just wish I knew what you said!

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