Well, Internets (is that like K-marts???) you may not have recognized me over the weekend.  I got up Saturday morning, did my porch/coffee thing and came on here to read mail and blogs.  Only thing was, there was no mail, no blogs.  Our DSL was nowhere to be found.  I was really bummed because I’d been having some great commentary on YouTube on a Meat Loaf video Friday night and wanted to check in to see what else was said.  So poor PD checked every possible reason once and then twice and then called our IP and spent an ungodly amount of time talking to numerable numerous English-challenged technicians only to end up being told that the problem was in the system? not ours and that they would send someone out on Monday between 8AM and 7PM.  What the hell kind of window is that?  Not a bay window, not a picture window… that’s a whole damn glass house if you ask me!!!  And I know PD was getting irritated because at one point I overheard him say through clenched teeth, “Please stop calling me Mr. ——–, call me PD!” Or something quite like that.

Anyway, the reason you wouldn’t have recognized me was because I did not have a keyboard hanging off me and a monitor in front of my face for an entire 48 hours.  More, actually if you count today until I got home from work at 5pm.

I got two closets organized.  I got packing done for our camping trip/family reunion this coming weekend.  I got (real) mail opened, sorted, disposed of.  I got  things accomplished that I gave up on months ago.  I read books.  I took a nap.  I shined the bathroom faucets.  I tried on a bunch of clothes that don’t fit.  I got pissed off.

Don’t tell PD but it’s official… I would get more done around the house if I didn’t spend so much time reading and writing on the computer.  Sssshhhh.  It’s a secret.

But they say, the first step is admitting you have a problem.  I just can’t say it out loud.

I had lots more to tell you but I need to go to bed.  This is my week of working 4 10s and 4:30am comes at you mighty fast.

15 responses to “JUST GIVE ME ONE MORE REASON…

  1. I got sooo much more done without the laptop. Stupid computers.

  2. JuJuBee’s comment is exactly what I fear — my wife’s about to get a laptop. I think I liked it better when she and I bartered for time on the computer at night, and during the day she can’t watch Ben and be on the computer at the same time. I ask you — is that such a bad thing?

    All that said, I admit I have a problem, too. I’m working on it, dammit.

  3. I too have a problem. Is there such a thing as computerholics annonymous?

  4. bush was quoted as saying “internets” instead of internet, perhaps he is the reason for that whole kmart-s thing too?

    what did we do before the computers? altho, i love have a library at my disposal learning all kinds of stuff about weird things i find around our yard, or when i need to diagnose someone before they go to the doctor.

  5. Without the internets I would be half the man I am now. I mean that literally. If I didn’t have the internet I would get off my fat @$$ and get some exercise!

  6. Wow, did I open a can of worms???

    Ju, you get more done in an hour than I do in a week, with or without computers…

    Mark, kiss the wife goodbye.

    Lori, if there isn’t, maybe there should be?

    Piglet, if Dubya says it, that’s reason enough for me to erase it from my vocabulary… Yes, there are so many, many positive things about computers. I just wish we got paid for the hours we spend sitting in front of them. Hey, that would be good!

    Jeff, get off here right this minute. Give me ten!

  7. I only have a twenty. Have you got change?

  8. Jeff, I think being off work is good for you. Or at least it’s allowing your butt to get smarter. 😉
    Hope you’re feeling better.
    No I don’t have change. Gimme twenty.

  9. OK, I admit it, I have a problem. But can I blame the amount of time I spend online on the slowness of my computer?

  10. M+, of course you can. I’ve been hearing that complaint a lot lately, what is it with everybody’s pcs running slow? I’m going to take a wild guess and say it’s a conspiracy. Soon there will be an announcement of a newer, faster, more expensive way to surf the net. What do you say???

  11. When you’re done with all the stuff around your house, get on a train to NYC. I have lots more that needs to be done around here.

  12. Still plenty saga here then…

  13. I’d say, in my own case, that it’s just my slow, old computer that could really use an upgrade. But I have noticed that most of the ISP’s are starting to come up with different packages to offer their customers.

    I suppose that if it isn’t already a conspiracy, you’ve just given the eye’s that are always lurking about us an idea to capitalize on…

  14. I hate computers

  15. Brian, no way. Invite me for drinks and the theatre and I’ll consider it…

    BD, oh hey yeah. So glad to hear from you.

    M+, I like to think no one in that capacity pays any attention here. I would be in trouble I think, if they did. I should probly watch some of what I say…

    TC, you are always sympathetic to my woes. Thanks

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