Saturday afternoon Kate and I spent at the fair, eating food which was incredibly bad for us but tasted incredibly good. Couldn’t persuade her to ride any Midway rides, but hey, she’s 50, what do you want? 😉 When we were growing up we probably rode enough rides to last us a lifetime anyway. So we checked out the artwork, all the normal Fair sites, exhibitions, lots of things. In general, we just enjoyed the whole Fair experience; the sounds, the smells, the heat, the wall-to-wall people. I just this minute realized that we “forgot” to look at all the livestock…

We’d planned to go home for dinner and then return to the park for the 8pm show featuring none other than Mr. Marvin L. Aday, more commonly (and ridiculously if you ask me) known as Meat Loaf. What a name for such a talented showman. Anyway, we left the park and when we realized that we were the proud owners of a prime parking spot that would most certainly not be there when we returned, we just stayed on. Which is the reason (ok, one of the reasons) that I will not be posting any pictures of the show. I’d left my camera at Kate’s house. But that’s ok.

The show started late but was worth every minute that we sat there anticipating Bat Out of Hell, Paradise By the Dashboard Light, You Took the Words Right Out of my Mouth and every other great song except Two Out of Three Ain’t Bad. I wish I could describe all the great stuff in the show, but… I’m just not terribly good at that sort of thing. I will tell you that at the very beginning of the show, these huge inflatable musicians popped up at different points on the stage. The lead one’s head bobbed up and down, the guitar players hands moved, etc. They stood there and “played” for a bit until the big guy came out.

The Neverland Express, Meat’s band was great. I linked up there to a site that shows the band members. I apologize for the crappy audio of the site, but I wanted you to see them. I have to say, I kinda missed Ellen Foley’s voice on Paradise, but Patti Russo did a damn fine job.

My voice is still kinda raspy and my hands are kinda sore from all the singing and clapping but we had ourselves a rawkin’ good time. Kinda felt like I was 17 again and that’s never a bad thing…

8 responses to “RECIPE FOR A GREAT TIME

  1. The fair will never get old. We heard some of Meatloaf…I loved it.

  2. Glad you had a good time. Wish I could have seen the show too!

  3. Hazel, I decided that next year I want to go up a couple of days sooner. I didn’t get enough…

    Jeff, I saw a lot of people taping the show. I should have suggested they run it on YouTube or something. I might go check in case someone did.

  4. That sounds like an amazing time. I like seeing old rockers, because they truly seem happy to be there and getting the fans excited. Although obviously some of them go back on the road for money, a part of me hopes that’s not all.

    “Paradise by the Dashboard Lights” is one of my favorite Meatloaf tunes.

    Remember his role as “Eddie” in Rocky Horror Picture Show? Nts, but fun.

  5. Hey! I am taking the whole kids and everything to the local county fair this coming weekend. You made me excited.

    Also, thanks for the nice comments over yonder. Yay!

  6. Mark, I didn’t think I made it sound amazing. But it really was, so I’m glad if you think it sounded that way. Sometimes you can tell if an entertainer is just going through the motions. Mr. Loaf definitely was not.
    Did you know that the original version of Paradise was over 20 minutes long???
    How does one forget RHPS??? lol

    Dan, Would you please do me a favor? If you can find them, enjoy 4 or 5 warm French Waffles with Powdered Sugar (not Cinnamon) and then tell me how freakin’ delicious they were. I didn’t get any 😦
    Have a really great time.
    You’re welcome. Was trying to remember when I first ran into you. I’m thinking it was at Jack’s and there was a mention of the ‘Mats? maybe? Forgive the memory, or lack of, please.
    Thanks for comin’ over.

  7. i still know every word to every song on the bat out of hell album. love that album.

    i too covet prime parking places..

  8. Piglet, it is good, isn’t it? And that parking thing; this is a big Fair in a medium-sized town. So every parking spot within maybe six blocks in every direction is taken when the Fair is in town. Some people charge for parking but the free spots are definitely coveted.

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