WARNING: One Wink is cranky today. She’s been not-quite herself for a couple of days and really shouldn’t be here ranting on all you good people. But she’s feeling negligent and disinterested in blogging and thinks maybe letting her frustrations out will be good therapy and at least will be able to say she posted this month. Don’t say she didn’t give you a heads-up.

I promised God back in February that if He would bring warm weather I would not complain if he brought some sweltering days that were hotter-than-Hades a little too much. So I won’t.

Is an ATM machine not designed to (and made available by your bank) make your life easier? One would think. My bank’s ATM machine has been out of service for over one month now which makes it necessary for me to drive out of my way to another branch to use the machine.

Last month my place of employment presented to the employees a chance to vote for a four-day work week. It would consist of working 10-hours Monday through Thursday. I won’t go into details but it was voted down. Then the management decided it might be fun to try the FDWW (four-day work week) the week before Labor Day to give us a
FDWE (four-day weekend). So that was announced as the plan. Now, somehow, somewhy, who the f*** knows, the week after next has also become a FDWW.

Don’t get me wrong, I like long weekends as much as the next guy. What I do not like, however is: a) having my life f***ed with, and b) being required to work 10 hour days. Especially since I had the Friday in question scheduled off anyway, to go out of town for a weekend-long Family reunion. I’m still going, I’m just going to be freakin’ tired when I get there. Bastards. What the heck was that vote, a joke?

See, I’m cranky. And I’m going away for the weekend for some fun and I should be in a very good mood. But I need to get clothes ready and some packing done and instead I’m here. Later I’ll be wishing I had used my time more wisely. Is crankier a word?

I did have a lovely weekend with JuJu and two of the kids. I should have some pictures in my Flickr later today. Or soon, at least.

Or just never mind. I just kinda messed up my Flickr badge.


11 responses to “DID YOU MEAN TO COME HERE?

  1. Oh how I miss the retarded ways of the workplace!! Look on the bright side–at least you don’t have to use a v-day and you’ll still get a full pay!

  2. The comparative and superlative forms of cranky are quite ok. So by all means use them. How about suck, suckier, suckiest? I guess fucked, fuckered and fuckiest don’t quite rate the Queen’s English. Nor do shitty, shittier, and shittiest. But they certainly make one feel better as they roll off the tongue. (And where are you going this weekend?) Chin up, Linda girl!

  3. Natalie, God bless you and your optimistic, cheery, work-at-home attitude! I may normally have thought this way, and I may well have to before its all over and done with. But today? Today I’m just crank-y, -ier and -est.

    Brian, what would I do without you and your uncanny ability to make me laugh? I’m spending the weekend in my old hometown with my bestest, oldest (but not old) friend, Kate. We’re going to “do” the County Fair, see Meat Loaf and see what other kind of havoc we can wreak. I’m in the mood for some serious wreaking.

  4. I was doing alright and then I read your comment Linda, and now I am hungry for some meatloaf! Yeah yeah I know what you meant but damn it, it sounds good!

    As for the ranting, isn’t that what blogs are for? Some rant about politics, some about work, you and I, we bitch about everything!

    10 hour days, that sucks. It could be worse though. One of the factories here in town does 12 hour days everyday except Sunday. I didn’t even finish filling out my application once I found that out!

  5. Jeff, I’m trying to remember the last time I had meatloaf… you’re right it sounds really good. A magazine I read just did an article on comfort food and there it was, with a great sounding recipe that I might try.
    Seems like everyday there is more to rant about. I actually thought last night about starting a new blog, just for that reason. Have you ever read the Peevery? Hazel is in the running to be a new contributor there. JuJu is already “on staff” there.
    The long days? That was not on the agenda when I took this job. Which was one of the reasons I signed on…

  6. I hope you have a great weekend – and get out of your cranky mood.

    I don’t know if I could handle a scheduled 10-hour day. When they just happen, that’s one thing, but to KNOW that you have 4 of them facing you, I’m not sure.


  7. The best meatloaf ever? Use a combination of equal parts ground beef, ground pork, and ground veal. When you’re ready to bake it in the oven, cover the top with strips of bacon. It’s absolutely sinful, but then we’re supposedly sinful creatures by nature according to Christian dogma. So sin a little.

  8. My last job for a major oil company we worked 8 a day but turned into 10 most of the time. I requested the 10 work week. I like the free time, I am always tired at work and like being mean to people there so it works out for me. This same oil company used to have votes all the time that were completely worthless because management could care less. I do not miss the corporate life at all. Sadly now I am working more than I ever have but at least I am the boss.

    Have a good weekend

  9. Cas, Thanks, I’m workin’ on it šŸ™‚

    Bri, the recipe I found sounds like yours, but w/o bacon. But that sounds like a great addition. PD and I rarely eat beef and PD never eats pork but I think we’ll make an exception. He usually makes meatloaf with ground venison and turkey and doctors it up pretty impressively. But I’d much rather have the real thing.
    As for the sinning, I don’t know what that might feel like, but it sounds fun šŸ˜‰

    TC, …”I am always tired at work and like being mean to people there so it works out for me.” That made me laugh and eased the cranky a bit šŸ˜‰
    You have a good weekend too.

  10. this here is YOUR’N space to rant. YOUR’N’s and YOUR’N’s alone. personally i think it’s good you have the outlet to “let it out”.

    no expectations i say and try to abide by so i don’t turn it around and develop resentments. shitty things happen that make us cranky and by golly we need to shout it from our blog rooftops!

    take care šŸ™‚

  11. Piglet, thanks for that little vote of confidence. I feel all empowered now. You wanna be my cheerleader? I’m needin’ one lately…

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