I would like to address more of what I wrote of yesterday, and I may at a future date but I’m irritated that I’ve not had the questions I asked, flat out, answered.   I thought they were legitimate questions.  Now I see that they are just the kinds of questions I ask over and over and obviously they are just stupid questions that no one sees any reason to answer.  This has perfectly illustrated my point.  I will leave it at that and y’all will just have to put up with my ignorance and incompetence for as long as you chose to come here.  So there.  And before you take any of this personal, please keep this is mind.  If you read here, you know that you dwell in a special place in my heart, all of you in your own way.  You also know that I’m on medication that is making me a  f***ing lunatic little hormonal, agitated and prone to moodiness.  So you’ll forgive my snippiness.  Chalk it up to getting to know The Woman in All Her Glory.  And now when I tell you how I started my day,  and since you love me too, I trust that you’ll forgive me just about anything that might end up on this screen…

  4:00 AM  Awoke to a huge, earth-shaking thunderclap.

  4:30 AM  Finally back to sleep after lots more lightning, two hot flashes and a fair amount of teeth clenching and heart stoppage.  Totally blew my storm therapy to hell and back.

  5:00, 5:05, 5:10, 5:15 AM  Awoke to, and promptly shut off alarm, cursing repeatedly.

  5:20 AM  Hauled a** out of bed.

  5:30 AM  Confronted with huge centipede (or millipede or Satan himself) on my kitchen counter.

  5:30:03 AM  Smashed the living sh** out of Satan with a paper towel.

  5:35 AM  Flick on TV to check out weather situation for the day.  Oh, rain.  Big surprise.  What, Tammy Faye Baker has cancer?  Oh, no.  That’s too bad.  What?  Sixty-five pounds!  That can’t be good.  Look away from the TV.

  5:36 AM  Dammit, why didn’t I look away?  Lord Almighty, why can’t I get that image out of my mind?  This is way too much trauma for me on a Thursday morning before 6AM.

  7:00 AM 3:30 PM  More Trauma  Work.

  4:00 PM  I walk in the door and find that PD has removed our kitchen ceiling.

Somebody shoot me.

(When you describe a day of your life and end up categorizing it on your blog under rant, web issues and wtf…  is that like, a red flag???)

11 responses to “A DAY IN THE LIFE

  1. People probably didn’t answer those questions because they will have taken it to be part of your funny rant’like’mono…

  2. Holy crap. I sure hope tomorrow is better.
    I didn’t answer the ‘puter questions because I, too, am clueless.

  3. BD, Funny? That wasn’t supposed to be funny. I’m starting to figure out why you and I have such a hard time communicating… ;-Þ

    Hazel, I’m just rantin’. I’m over it. I can’t even remember what I was rantin’ about now. Pssst… I didn’t expect to get the answers anyway. What was the goony guy’s name with the stapler in Office Space? I think I’m turning into him.

  4. So – what was the best part of your day? I hope dinner was good, or something.

    I hate bugs, no matter how many legs they have. And I’m not fond of waking up in the dark to a loud thunder clap.

    I hope today is better, and that the weekend is great!

  5. Well, if the ceiling is gone when we come to visit, it could come in handy while trying to keep an eye on the kiddos sleeping up there.

  6. When you lament your situation, just think of Tammy Faye. You could have her life . . . and could have been married to Jim.

  7. What the heck!? Was PD on a quest to find Satan’s spawn?

  8. this: “I walk in the door and find that PD has removed our kitchen ceiling.”

    might send my ass to the moon with moodiness 🙂

  9. The line about the ceiling was my favorite.

    What the hell was/is he doing?

  10. Cas, I’m trying to remember… I think it was when I called JuJu on my morning break at work and she reported that LittleWeeJuJu had survived the night without incident after having taken an unexpected ride down a couple of stairs head-first in his walker. We were worried… He ended up with some boo-boos on his face but was fine otherwise.

    Ju, haha. Certainly hope it’s replaced by then. I’ll have Poopy install a periscope if you’d like…

    Brian, thanks for your reminder to put things into perspective. I may come across here like I’m all into Me and shit. But really, it’s for entertainment. I still can’t get that image outta my head. Those two sure were a, um, striking couple, were they not?

    Nat, lol. The visual is giving me a chuckle. Thanks.

    Piglet, ha. Actually, the only times I’ve really been aware of the moodiness part of my “treatment” is at work, dealing with a**holes. My level of irritation has risen, a couple of times, to some heights that I’ve not experienced before. You know, like when you can actually feel the nerves in your hands twitching, wanting to strangle someone? That’s kind of a new feeling for me.

    Mark, I think I might write a post later today explaining the whole situation… You must be all refreshed and tingly from that awesome vacation, no?

  11. OK the answer to the computer questions… yes.

    The bug. It was an omen that the ceiling was going to f’d when you got home.

    No need to thank me, but you are welcome.

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