Today PD has me painting the garage. TC has me running virus protection things. JuJu has me waiting for a return phone call. I have me in my painting shorts from last year that are too tight and straining at the seams and a bathing suit top and I’m still sweating. I gave up trying to stay out of the sun. It’s not conducive to, um, Life. Things need to get done around here and it’s impossible to paint in the dark. Or at least not fun and easy. Actually, it’s neither fun nor easy in the daylight either but that’s beside the point…

Yesterday was ultra-interesting at work. There was a problem with the fans or something in the Clean Room. When the temperature is off, it’s not safe to be in the room. So 70 or so people had to either go home or be reassigned to different departments. I found myself packaging products in the Shipping and Packaging Dept. with only 5 other people. And my iPod. So it was a good day. It is not expected that the Clean Room problem will be completely resolved by Monday, so guess what? I ain’t goin’. End of discussion. It’s this simple: Me + Day Off = ๐Ÿ™‚

Thanks for asking how I’m doing. Way better. It’s nice to have friends who care.

Anybody have any interesting Friday the 13th observations? Me, neither.

K. Back to work. Hope you’re having a good weekend.

sidenote: I just published this at 3:14:57; one second earlier and it would have been my birthday, 3/14/56. Oooooh. How cool is that?


  1. It took you 14 minutes and 57 seconds to write that. You might think I am getting at you but really it was just one of those things I took from what information you gave.

    It’s like a line a minute?

    I’ll have to figure out how long some of the posts that actually are read and commented on take to write and try to spend that kind of time on them. I probably spent about 20 minutes writing this comment, just cause I can’t focus at all when I put Binocular on the jukebox.

    Enjoy Monday, I’ve got work, it’s a saga on Monday…

  2. BD, for some reason my time stamp is NEVER correct and I either let it say what it wants to or edit it to the closest hour. Sometimes the minutes are close, more often, not. So the timestamp on my post means absolutely nothing about half of the time. Today, who knows. It may have taken me 14 minutes, it may have taken less or more. Very seldom do I sit here and write uninterrupted. Today I believe I was reading mail, eating icecream and blueberries and playing with Pandora. Most likely it took me more like a half an hour. And as you know, I’m sure, the quality or lack thereof in my posts is not related (either directly or indirectly) to the length of time spent composing. My overall quality is average I would say but I don’t probly spend an average amount of time writing. But thanks for noticing and paying such close attention. You bored?
    Good luck on Monday.
    Would I like Binocular?

  3. i would almost swear that i am a reincarnated witch from massachusetts. i say this b/c heat is something i cannot withstand much of. at all. never. and, i’ve always had that weird fear of fires… i’m just sayin’.

    i guess this bday reference means you are in fact a pisces. so is my husband. ya’ll are good people and usually understand me (which we’ve established 18 thousand times you and i). happy belated b-day!

  4. Enjoy that unexpected day off. I hope you have a good one.


  5. Piglet, do you subscribe to the idea of reincarnation, seriously? I’ve considered the possibility millions of times and it would explain a lot of my weirdnesses. I suspect that I was struck and killed by lightning in another life, for example, which is the only thing that would justify my unreasonable fear of it. Although I am getting way better in that respect… I could talk about this topic for days… You, a witch? Hmmm… a good witch do you think, or a bad witch?
    Funny, being a Piscean is cool and all but I think we’re difficult to be with. I know very few men who are Pisces but I think they would be really easy (and really fun) to fall in love with. To stay with… a challenge. Am I getting warm?

    Cas, thank you, Darlin’! BTW, what are we going to do with JeffA? He needs us.

  6. Not so much bored, just, well you know… Things get worse before they get better? Like you have to have a Monday before you can have a Friday. For me, it’s ALL Monday right now.

    You may like Binocular, for an example

  7. Beede, Hang in there, cause when your Friday comes, Buddy, it will be SWEETER than sweet.
    I put the TubeVid on my To Do List. Thanks, I’ll let you know what I think.

  8. Clean room? You aren’t Monk are you?

  9. Deeje, oh… yeah, that’s it. I don’t quite get the correlation… I don’t wear a robe and I don’t shave my hair into a circle and I’m certainly not the silent type.
    Actually we make micro-pipettes. You know what those are? They are c-l-e-a-n. And t-e-e-n-y.

  10. Glad things are going a bit better, but I share your pain about the heat. I hope you liked your day off.

  11. Well, a belated Happy Birthday to you. I would’ve wished it to you sooner, but I was in Ohio celebrating my aunt’s 70th with the rest of the family.

    Glad to hear you’re feeling better, even if I wasn’t aware that you hadn’t been.

    See what happens when people take vacations…

  12. Forehead Man, er, I mean Mark, Thanks.

    M+, Thanks dude, but I think you misunderstood. My birthday was March 14, 1956- 3/14/56.
    Hope you had an excellent vacation and Happy Birthday to your Aunt.

  13. M+, It’s ok, dude. ๐Ÿ™‚ Happens to me all the time…

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