Had a perfectly lovely visit with the JuJu’s.  Our visit went entirely too quickly, as always.  I had decided beforehand to come home yesterday to give myself a quiet, lazy day today.  Yes, I actually begged off a picnic invitation.  I’ll go back to work tomorrow and Friday and then have a weekend to enjoy. It will kind of give me the sensation of being a slacker and that’s exactly what I was going for. 

I have lots to tell you but I’ll spread it out over the next few days.  Don’t want to overwhelm y’all.  Ha.  Like my life (or reading about it) would make you tired.  Well, maybe… in the sense of boring you.  I’ll try to embellish a bit to keep things at least, mildly interesting.

I had an interesting experience on our trip home yesterday.  PD was in no hurry to get home so I talked him into visiting the Grove City Prime Outlets on our way down I79.  As much as he seemed to enjoy himself while we were there, he confessed that he was not impressed with the shopping there.  Big surprise.  Shopping Heaven for PD is Lowe’s Home Improvement stores.  Anything else is frivilous and a waste of time.  So I think it’s safe to say that the next time I visit the Outlets, it will be on my own time.

Anyway, one thing that happened there amused me.  I’d gone into a wine and tobacco shop and found the boy behind the counter all pierced and punk-haired (and cute) having a conversation with a much more conservative-looking young man.  I stepped up to the counter and waited for them to finish their conversation. The boy behind the counter stopped talking and looked at me offering his help.  I quickly glanced to my left to apologize to the other for interrupting their conversation about a concert he’d been to recently. Yes, I was eavesdropping and I hope you do not have a problem with that.  As soon as he turned my way, out of my mouth came “Death Cab… OMG, you look just like Ben Gibbard!”  He looked instantly embarrassed, just a little and then broke out in a smile and confessed “that tons of people tell me that all the time.” When I looked back to tell the cashier what I’d been looking for, he was standing there, gaping, and said (obviously, dumbfounded, having most likely assessed me as old and decrepit…) that he was impressed that I knew of Death Cab.  *Sigh*  Not quite as gratifying as getting carded, but it kind of tweaked my sense of maybe I won’t be whisked off to the home as soon as I thought, and actually did bring a smile.  Thank you, Boy, for not saying ” … for an old chick.”  I know you were thinking it.

Going to go celebrate the anniversary of my country’s independence by doing absolutely. nothing.  Oooh.  Ahhh.  A safe and happy holiday to you all.

17 responses to “SLACKERY (TAKEN TO A NEW LEVEL)

  1. That’s cool. I wouldn’t recognize many of the musicians of the day, because I don’t watch videos any more.

    I have no idea what the artists look like while listening to a certain three-disc set, and I like it that way.

  2. The thing about outlet malls is: I don’t buy brand/designer names unless they are on clearance anyway, so the outlets are still above my price. Unless of course they are seconds, which, in a pair of Reebok hiking boots, one lace shorter than the other is NOT necessarily a flaw to me.

    Cool beans about the boy in the store.

  3. I love outlet malls, my wallet on the other hand does not like them at all. Of course you can drop in Lowes too and I’ll be happy as a clam! I wonder where that saying comes from, I mean how exactly would you know a clam is happy?

  4. Jeff A – If the clam was a geoduck, you might know exactly when it was happy.

  5. Mark, I only see an occasional video on YouTube, as I am not a TV watcher. The only thing I miss about TV is watching videos… The 3-disc set you’re referring to, is it the one I made you? If so, you’re missing out on the most amazing looking bands… 😉

    Hazel, I lucked out and got a pair of cargo pants, a shirt and a pair of shoes (those sandals with the bumpy soles that massage your feet- for PD) for $8.
    Everything else was books and music.

    Jeff, Somehow I thought you would say that. Let’s click on Mark’s contribution and see just how happy that there clam is… (Sometimes I don’t know what I’d do without Mark here fielding all my inquiries. I should pay him better…)

  6. Mark, new question for you… Where did the images come from in my recent comments? I’m clueless. I changed my avatar. That’s all I did…

  7. Mark- That was way more information than I actually needed. While I feel a little smarter, I also feel dirty after looking at that! 😉

  8. I hate shopping unless I am in the tool section of Sears, Lowes, Home Depot, Auto parts stores, or Atwoods.

    Clothes yuck!

  9. It’s kinda funny that I have an almost opposite effect on people when it comes to the topic of music. If you’ve seen my newest profile pic, imagine me having a conversation with you about classical music. Not that I’m not familiar with what’s new, but nobody expects to find me listening to Grieg, Beethoven, Mozart or Chopin as often as I do. Go figure…

  10. Jeff, I’m still trying to figure out how they got “goeyduck” out of geoduck. Thanks to both you and Mark I know way more about clams than I thought I would learn today.

    TC, You and PD would get along Just Fine. He’s going to Lowe’s with his dad tomorrow morning and he’s Happy as a Clam.

    M+, if you think about it, it’s not really the opposite effect, it’s kind of the same thing, don’t you think? I’m afraid I couldn’t hold up my end of the conversation with you on Classical Music. I can’t dance to it…

  11. Linda, I can finally get your blog. I thought “word” was “org”…. dah! I wondered why there was an org and a com!

    Sounds like a good visit with juju and family. Tell PD I love the outlets.

  12. I would hate to be a clam. I would love to eat some!

  13. Can’t say I would have recognized Gibbard. I know his name….and would even recognize him up on stage. But I really doubt I’d make the connection in an Outlet Mall. But then…that could just be cuz I’m walking around in a cloud most of the time.

  14. Yeah, I suppose it is the same effect. Nobody expects us to have an interest in some of the styles of music that we love.
    Classical music is more for headbanging, like metal, not necessarily for dancing. Unless you’re into waltz’s.

  15. Kate, I guess we can plan an excursion there, what do you think? PD-less, of course. I’ll start saving now. I’m not as much into the shawpin’ as I am the atmosphere, fair warning. Except the bookstore and Bath & Body, of course.

    TC, I’m with you. Entirely.

    Mokker, never pegged you as a cloud-type.

    M+, Definitely not into waltzing. Head-banging? To classical or metal or anything else… Um, no.

  16. i totally would have not recognized a death cab person. there was a young bagger at a local grocery store that looked very much like ozzy’s youngest son jack before he cleaned up.

    i am pleased they noticed your coolness, it should be celebrated 🙂 getting old is a state of mind.

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