LONG WEEKEND + 3 = :-)

Day Three into my respite from work and looking forward to Three More.  Wow, this feels good.

Had friends over Friday night for Mudslide SnoCones.  Was nice and relaxing.  Good conversation and laughing at regular intervals.  Minimal hangover on Saturday…

Last night was Little JuJu’s last night here with us.  We called Mama before bed and there was a lot of “I can’t wait to see you“s going on.  Then before tucking in, he and I read some selections from A Light in the Attic and giggled non-stop for an hour or so.  Shel Silverstein sure knew how to entertain seven-year-old boys and fifty one year old women my age.  The Kid must have been tired.  I left the room to ask PD a question and he was sound asleep two minutes later when I returned.

We’re leaving this afternoon for New York and hoping for minimal reasonable Holiday traffic.  The route we take, although an interstate, has some really pretty sites along the way including Moraine State Park.  The skies, for some reason, always seem to be gorgeous around those parts.

Y’all have a good weekend and a Happy July 4th.  Be safe.  K?  Bye.

7 responses to “LONG WEEKEND + 3 = :-)

  1. Extended weekends are such a wonderful thing. Especially when they extend into the next week…
    Have a safe trip, happy 4th.

  2. hey, have a nice holiday!

  3. Silverstein has some great stuff. Glad you’re passing it down through the generations.

    Enjoy your trip returning the little man.

  4. Have a safe trip. I think I am ready for some vacation time myself. Unfortunately I don’t think my work would let me right now!

  5. M+, Nice to “see” you 🙂 Thanks and you have a good holiday too!
    Raggy, Oh my goodness, I am so thrilled that you’ve come to see us! A celebrity in our midst 🙂 Thanks. Any chance you’re celebrating anything this week?
    Hey Everybody, meet Raggy, my new bud. You can visit him here: http://www.raggyproject.com/ or click on the Raggy Project on my sidebar. I promise you’ll be glad you did. Amazing music, talented dude.
    Mark, so glad you agree. Thanks, I’m home now and had a really great trip.
    Jeff, thanks, Amigo. We did. Do what I do, vacation in your head. Next best thing. And there’s a holiday tomorrow with a weekend coming up quik! :-)))))

  6. we don’t ahve that book but i’ll grab one since i trust your taste in kids’ books 🙂 being a kid yourself and all.

    have a safe and fun trip!

  7. Piglet, I’m sure Luke would love it. And you would have fun reading it to him. He’s at the perfect age for it. Actually, I recommend all Shel’s books. “The Missing Piece,” though, is geared to an older age group.

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