Just poppin’ in to say “Hi” and see how y’all are doin’.  It is a sweltering 94 degrees here and I just may stay in tonight and enjoy the AC.  It’s the kind of hot, that when you’re outside it’s hard to breathe and it makes you (ok, me) nauseous.  Blecch.

Enjoying having The Kid here, he’s a laff-a-minute.  One thing we’ve been enjoying before bed or when he needs to sit still for a bit is going on I Can Has Cheezburger?.  We laugh our butts off.  You know you want to go there.  It’s only been top blog on WordPress for weeks now.  Maybe months.

K. I’m outta here.  Take care, say hi and btw, JuJu has come back from the Blogdead.

7 responses to “PARIS HAS NO CLUE…

  1. That Cheezburger site is pretty funny. I’m not into cats much, but some of the text along with them is funny. Nice touch on the Star Trek font for the Vulkin Neck Peench one.

    Made me smile a few times. Always a good thing when everybody else here at home (I had a long weekend) is napping.

  2. Mark, wow, you’re a tough sell. I think your head’s gettin’ all big after that production you put on 😉
    Once you get the accent down for the cats, I bet you could have Ben laughing his head off. After the censoring, of course…

  3. That’s pretty damn funny.

    How was your storm tonight? We got NOTHING. And it didn’t cool off like it was supposed to either.

  4. Hazel, Li’l Ju has started talking in Cheezburger talk, like “I’m in your yard bein’ a ninja, gotta go save Lois Lane, k, brb.”
    Storm wasn’t bad. I was happy for a break watering flowers…

  5. Even though I am late learning it, I am glad to find out you don’t have anything serious.

    How will he know the difference? HA!

    Seriously, that’s funny.

  6. i LURVE the lol cats on “i can have cheezburger”!!!

    indeed, the heat is almost unbearable. even tho i am from the south, i HATE hot weather. really, hate hate it.

    by the way, i did a little video of a storm we had last week here and i thought of you. i’ll try and post it if the whole thing doesn’t suck too bad 🙂

  7. Piglet, cool, huh? We’ve taken to talking like the cats do around here lately. Good for laffs. I especially like the “Oh hi, I fixed your ____.” ones.
    It makes me mad when we actually survive winter only to be zapped with sweltering days when you can’t move without breaking out in a sweat. It’s like the ultimate tease. “Want summer? I’ll GIVE you summer.”
    Will look for the vid. Thanks for thinking of me, too bad it wasn’t something cool, like fun or chocolate that reminded you of me. 😉

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