What a week this has been. I can’t say I’m not happy for the weekend.  After everything else, we had a bitch of a storm on Thursday afternoon.  PD was visiting his parents when the storm came up and I was at work so there was no one here to close windows.  Consequently, when I came home it looked like a small tornado had taken a shortcut through the house.  I would post a couple pictures, but that’s a sore spot for me and I’m not looking to add stress to my life at this point in time…

I have a small collection of small colored glass bottles that I keep lined up on the kitchen window sill.  It’s so pretty when the sun shines through them.  I also have a few other interesting (to me) little glass objet d’art that I display there.  These and the bottles were strewn from the window sill across the kitchen and the rain that blew in soaked the floor and pretty much everything on the counter under the window.  A soaked roll of paper towels isn’t good for a whole lot of anything…

There is a landing part way up the staircase leading to our upstairs.  There is a window there, which of course, was open. So the carpeting halfway down the stairs was soaked as well as the stairs the other half of the way up.  So that pretty much covered the entire staircase.

The fun part, though, was my bathroom.  It’s not a big room.  I have a tile floor with a shaggy throw-rug in front of the sink. The floor and the rug were completely soaked as well as the carpet in the hall outside the bathroom.  My shower curtain was in a twist and the toilet seat cover, tissue box and (yay) the roll of toilet tissue, which may or may not be good for anything when it’s wet, were soaked also.  Not what you want to come home to after a long day at work.

Outside damage was minimal.  Our flag survived but the holder attached to the bannister is mangled.  Most of the soffit and facia across the front porch roof was either hanging by a thread or spread over the front yard.  All of my lilies evidentally had given up and just laid down on the ground.  Our gas grill took a tumble and the glass on the front of the lid came out but didn’t break, surprisingly.  The cover stayed on the small pool we have for the kids but a lot of yucky stuff found it’s way under there.  The (fake) bamboo roll-up awning on the back porch was partly up and partly down and I thought it might be ruined, but it’s fixable. The big beautiful oak tree in the field across the road from us appears to have just split down the middle and half of it is on the ground.  That upset me more than anything, it is one of my favorite parts of the scenery here.

It’s very lucky that we had the tree behind our house cut down a few weeks ago.  Most of it was dead and being that it was situated in the back yard where most of the storm evidence was, chances are it would have ended up on top of our back porch roof  or square in the center of our garage.

An amusing aside to this story: while at work when the storm was at its peak, my crazy friend Joe escorted me to the window to watch the lightning show.  He knows that I’m afraid and thought it would be good therapy for me.  I told him that he’d need to hold my hand to keep me from covering my eyes.  As we stood at the window, I became aware of him humming a familiar tune close to my ear.  Soon he bagan to sing aloud, ever so softly. It was Silent Night.  Maybe you hadta be there, maybe you hafta know Joe to appreciate it, but it was funny as hell.

Yesterday afternoon we did, after all, kidnap Little Juju.  It was pretty late when we got back here last night.  But we looked at the Moon through the telescope, started working on a story about Peter Parker/Spiderman and Dr. Octopus and did a little unpacking.  We haven’t yet made a plan for today but it’s sure to be fun.

Oh, have you ever had a Pecan-Crusted Chicken Salad at Applebee’s?  It’s got mandarin oranges, bleu cheese, honey glazed walnuts, dried cranberries…  mmm-mmm, Good.


  1. With that much damage, it must have been a hell of a storm. Too bad they don’t make automatic closing windows.

  2. DJ, why don’t you get busy engineering that? I’ll call Armstrong and get the ball rolling. Or is it Peachtree? WTH. Who makes windows, Pella???

  3. Thank goodness you weren’t home for your therapy session that day! Have fun with little juju!

  4. Glad the storm wasn’t as bad as it could have been, but sorry it was as bad as it was.

    The pecan-crusted chicken salad is the best! That’s all I ever get there. ABo says the chicken tastes like French toast.

  5. I’m just appalled that in an ostensibly family-oriented blog you would deign to use words like “soffit” and “facia.” I’m profoundly offended.


  6. At least the flag was ok…

  7. dear god that woulda freaked me out. glad it wasn’t worse for you.

  8. Sure thought I commented on this already.

    Glad you and yours are okay, even if all your shit isn’t.

    Remember, it’s just shit.

  9. Natalie, actually, I think I would rather have been home. Plan on having lotsa fun with The Kid. 🙂

    Hazel, that’s exactly what it tastes like, kinda mapley.

    Brian, thanks for the belly laugh. I needed that!

    BD, yeah, the glass is half full.

    Piglet, I think what made it worse for me than it actually was, and I see that now, I kept thinking about people who have lost everything in storms much worse than this was.

    Mark, yep, shit is shit. Only some shit is more sentimental. None of that shit got hurt.

  10. Must try the salad, yum!

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