TUE. @ 6:15am

No word yet in regards to Saturday’s post.  I’m holding tight but at some point today if I don’t hear anything, I’m going to go batshit crazy. call George and say “What the f***, dude, why you makin’ me wait?” “So have you gotten the results of my biopsy?”

I’m excited to be going to kidnap my grandson on Friday and going to be holding him hostage for a week or so.  Don’t tell the authorities.  JuJu knows, however and I think just maybe she’s looking forward to it almost as much as I am.

5 responses to “TUE. @ 6:15am

  1. I hope George gets his head out and calls you soon (or has someone else do it, at least).

    Yay for your upcoming kidnapping of grandson! Does he ever tell you jokes? If not, you should teach him some.

  2. As a parent of two small boys, I think you can be 99.99% sure that your daughter is looking forward to divesting herself of a child for a few days. Sure, she’ll miss him, but she’ll also welcome the decrease in work. And his siblings will enjoy the increased “mommy” time. Just be sure to do your grandmotherly duty: spoil him silly.

  3. You are still in my prayers and I hope you have a hella good time with your grandson!

  4. hey i got a kid that you could kidnap too :)!

  5. Mark, I’m thinking maybe there are a lot of lab techs on vacation this week. Nope, George always calls me hisself. Him own self. Hey, I think I found some rule breakin’ words here.
    OMG, Little Ju has been on a knock-knock kick for months. I love it!

    Brian, I am 100% with you clear up to the end. I’m not a spoiler. Me and him? We got this “real” thing going on; we’re straight with each other. Kind of hard to explain. I teach him things instead of piling on frivolous crap. He gets it. I mean, he understands-which I think is pretty cool for a seven year old. He’s got plenty of other grandparents doing the spoiling thing.

    Amigo, thanks a million. You’re pure gold.

    Piglet, that sounds so funny with Ozzy’s face beside it. “Shhhh…”

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