The Knife – Heartbeats

If you liked this, check out some more of their songs herePass This On, in particular. Although the vid is kind of surreal and, um … weird, it’s a good listen.


  1. Glad I wasn’t smoking anything while watching that . . . Really weird video.

  2. I like this one quite a bit, particularly the keyboards. It sounds like a throwback (sort of), but I’ll always like that synthesizer sound. The vocals are good enough that I would listen to more by The Knife.

    When I’m not leaving for work, that is.

    Thanks for sharing.

  3. Hmm, keyboards reminded me of something from the eighties, thats a good thing. Video is very odd but unique. I might give some more of their stuff a listen, as soon as I get the image of that bird out of my head.

  4. Brian, why? That would have been cool 😉 But you have to admit, it’s a kick-ass song…

    Mark, I promise you’ll like their other stuff if you liked this. When the time is right, of course.

    Jeff, I never would have guessed that this music would appeal to you. Sorry ’bout the bird. I have to admit, I was excited to find this band on You Tube and I neglected to watch the entire video. *red face* I did, however, watch all of Pass This On.

  5. Well I just took the time to watch “Pass it on” and I must say the music is pretty cool, but that video had me rolling, just too weird!

  6. Jeff, yeah, well. What can I say? I guess the Knife makes really good music and really weird videos. If you’re gonna do something, you might as well do it really, huh?

  7. Have you ever heard Shonen Knife? They have some unique stuff too. I tried to post this last night but it seems to have disappeared so I will give the link again!

  8. Jeff, no, I have not but will definitely go with your recommendation and check them out.
    We had a storm (!) last night and my internet was down. Thanks for the link. Have a good night.

  9. What about Marble House?

  10. BD, from what I’ve heard, it’s not in my favorites. I like Handy Man a lot, and Take My Breath Away.

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