We had a bitch heck of a storm last night.  I got all mustered- (not to be confused with mustard) up to go out on the porch and enjoy my new-found appreciation for lightning.  Turns out, this was not your run-of-the-mill thunderstorm.  With the first big crack- that was followed by an earth-shaking crash close enough to make the hair on the back of my neck stand up- I turned on my heel, gathered up the cushions from the swing and high-tailed it back into the house.  That surely set my LPT (lightning phobia therapy) back aboot 6 years. Shortly after that the sirens of firetrucks started and I was getting antsy.  I later heard on the news that a tree had fallen on a house in a town not terribly far away.  It rained so hard, too, that water came in the basement in places water has never come into our basement.  So much for a relaxing start to my weekend.  PD, unaffected of course, sat and watched a movie through it.  I hadn’t wanted to go to bed and be upstairs alone, so I fell asleep on the couch.  Hate doing that.  But I woke up bright and early (and stiff ) this morning and enjoyed my coffee on the porch with the nice, clean, after-rain, morning air.

Today finds Poopy and I attempting to get the backyard back to the state it was in before the tree was cut down earlier in the week.  I don’t mind loading logs into the tractor cart and the wheelbarrow.  I don’t mind raking leaves and sticks into piles.  I don’t even mind the blister on my thumb that already broke.  I actually kind of like wearing my sexy red leather gardening gloves… but what do you do with mounds and mounds of sawdust that are soaked from the rain?  I’m guessing the ShopVac might not do the trick.  I dunno.  I’ll run that by Poopy and probly get a look.  He’s already scoffing at the pile of “kindling” that I’m guarding for when we have a fire.  Although, I imagine when I go back out there after this break, it will be gone…

Ok, back to work.

Oh, by the way, I’ve decided to cancel my trip to the Vineyard this year.  More on that later.  I know…  I’ll get over it.  Probly.

10 responses to “BIG BOOM THERAPY

  1. Oops. Just a little setback in the storm-gazing, I hope. Thunder claps that nearby can be unsettling — especially when you hear later that a neighbor’s house got smashed (and not in the good way).

    Gardening… um, can you come over and trim our hedges?

  2. Mark, yep. I will get back on my horse, though, next opportunity I get. I suggest investing in a tall goat. For the hedges, I mean.

  3. That was some freakin’ storm wasn’t it! I was thankful that we were at my mom’s. We were on the porch with the boys for most, except when the wind and hail came and uprooted trees at the bottom of the yard….we were inside for that part. I’m starting Aiden’s therapy early….he already has the fear!

  4. Natalie, very glad you guys are ok. Poor little Aiden. I feel so bad for him, it’s terrible to be afraid and have nowhere to go.

  5. Have you ever thought about watching the lighting with some ear plugs?

    Helpful tidbit. If the hair ACTUALLY starts to stand on end, then it is best to get out or down. Means that you are about to get hit by lightening.

  6. DJ, that is a little wussier than I’m comfortable with. Ha! No, I hadn’t thought of it. Thanks for the tip. I often get the hair thing going on when it storms. I wonder if that means I’ve come close lots of times??? *shiver* I still think I got fried that way in another life or something.

  7. Glad you made it through the storm, albeit from inside. I heard it was nasty.

  8. Hazel, Thanks 🙂 It was… You coming to town anytime soon?

  9. I’m late responding, but I hope you and your yard have recovered from the thunderstorm.

  10. Alvis, I’m always late, I know the feeling. No sweat. I won’t ignore you… like some bloggers (Mark) do… 😉
    All recovered, thanks.

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