This is a fine mess you’ve gotten us into, Ollie…

Below you will see what is left of my weekend trip post.  You got yer pretend picture, the last line of my post and 7 or so comments. 

This is what happens when a moron screws around with html.

Imagine that.

BUT, if you click on that brown rectangle that contains the writing, you will see my lovely picture of Niagara Falls.  Don’t even fucking ask…

13 responses to “WELL, WELL, WELL.

  1. Hey, These aren’t your typical pictures of the Falls. But as you’re having trouble and all getting your images on I thought I’d help you out.


  2. Lu, thanks for visiting and thanks for sharing your pictures. Not sure I’d want to be there in April, brrrr.
    “…trouble and all”… ha! You’d think I was shooting for the Moon. I’m seriously considering going back to Blogger. I’m smart enough to know that if I can’t run with the big dogs, I should just stay on the porch.
    I couldn’t view your blog 😦 but the banner looks nice.

  3. i’m not even gonna fucking ask.

  4. Oh crap, I’m not laughing at you I’m laughing with you.

    No, I’m laughing at you!

    If you want help, just ask, you know I’m there for you!

  5. No worries, Linda. The display got torqued…but the picture was still lovely.

    I don’t know about the Big Dogs…but I’m actually pretty happy with the New Blogger. I resisted and resisted…and now I have to say they really did improve it.

  6. The new Blogger is a big improvement. I converted just to test it out, and it is much better then Blogger was before. Perhaps it’s the best system for folks who don’t really care about seeing “under the hood” or tweaking things.

  7. what? opps I asked?

  8. Really nice picture……glad I read the post first :-O

  9. Piglet, Thanks for not. I’ve been over it my head a dozen times and the chances of me wiring a big ol’ bundle of dynamite to my hard drive are way greater than the chances of what I did, actually happening.
    Did I tell you how weird it is to have Ozzie on my blog???

    Jeff, Because I love you like a brother and we’re “tight” like we are, you are allowed to laugh at me. You and maybe Piglet. And TC. Oh, yeah, Hazel, Mark, and Ju. Maybe Mokker, not sure.
    Alvis, no, definitely. 😉
    What the heck, if I can’t provide you all with a good laugh at my expense, what’s my reason for living???
    Anyway, I’m asking for help. Your bus ticket is in the mail, it should arrive tomorrow. Bring beer.

    Mokker, I keep hearing that… We’ll see. Thanks.

    Mark, you find the nicest way to say things. 😉

    TC, like you em>ever listen… ;-Þ

    Hazel, Thanks. And yeah.

  10. your totally ok with ozzy being here right?

  11. Piglet, I’m getting used to it… 😉 You know how there is good weird and bad weird? It’s good weird.

  12. Nice pictures. I am in awe of the falls and wish I could go see them.

  13. Alvis, if you ever get the chance, go.

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