8 responses to “SLOWLY I TURN…

  1. I suspect if I ever finally visit Mt. Rushmore, my experience will be similar. Glad you had a good time with the JuJu’s!

    I looked at the page source on this post, and it looks like the code is pointing the web browser to My Documents/My Pictures/2007-0620/HPIM3158.JPG folder on your PC. Which, of course, won’t work. Are you typing the post right into WordPress and then using its photo insertion feature, or creating the doc some other way and then copying and pasting? Just curious.

  2. So glad to hear that the Juju’s are still in existence! Maybe this week you can reconcile with your beverages and they won’t be so vengeful!

  3. Sorry about your picture :-0

    I LOVED the Falls the times we have visited since that time looooong ago. I wasn’t disappointed one bit. I do remember the first time though being scared shitless about falling, so I guess I enjoyed it more being a grown up and all.

  4. Mark, I hope not. Surely a small group of rock-solid, big-headed political figures that you have to look up to will be all you could imagine it to be…
    What I do is copy the url of the picture and paste it either into the image box thing that looks like a tree, or in the little box at the bottom of the page. Neither work for me, obviously. Proper instructions would be appreciated. You’re tired of me whining, aren’t you??? “Which, of course, won’t work” just popped out at me. You said that as if I should know something… what? Remember who you’re talking to here; it’s me, La La
    Natalie, beverage reconciliation, lol. They do seem to have it out for me, don’t they?
    Hazel, do you realize that we were 4 and 2 the first time? Sheesh. Yeah, everything looked smaller to me, but I was not disappointed. Mike B. said we really should have gone over to the Canadian side. Maybe next time. One thing I really enjoyed was people-watching. There were so many Indian women in beautiful saris and just a lot of interesting-looking people. Did you ever do the Cave thing? I was kinda mad in the souvenir shoppe, a bag of taffy a little bigger than a baggie was $9.99. I didn’t get you any…

  5. So I was right, I wouldn’t be impressed? Ah I probably would have tried to kill myself getting a photo from an angle that hasn’t been over done!

    So sorry you are still having problems posting photos on here. Are you uploading them to wordpress or are you trying to link your flickr photos?

  6. Jeff, Ahhh. I dunno. Are you jaded? The Falls are really really pretty. And the power of the water is awesome. I think you would like it, if for no other reason, for the photo ops. Don’t pass up a chance to go, if you do have the opportunity.
    I’m uploading to WordPress… Or I think I am 😉

  7. Thanks for a great weekend (kidney stones aside) and for going with us. We’ll go back again, just a few of us, and take our time. Hopefully there won’t be a dull backache rushing us along…and tired whiney children.

  8. Ju, Thank YOU for a great weekend. I still can’t believe your luck. God love you. I would like to go back, that was such a nice get-away. And I thought the kids behaved exceptionally well, don’t you? Seriously.

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