Any second PD is going to stride in here and give me the look.  He won’t say anything, he’ll just look at me and then the clock and I’ll make some excuse as to why I’m not in bed.  (Yeah, it does kind of make me feel like I’m 14, but if I say anything, he’ll come back with, “I just don’t want to hear you whining about how tired you were at work tomorrow.”  He’s like that.  And no, I don’t whine.  If anything, when he asks how my day went, I’ll say, “I don’t know, I slept through most of it…”  He calls that whining…  

I said good night to him aboot an hour ago and came on here and finished reading what I neglected earlier on my blogroll.  It’s getting harder every day to keep up.  And I’ve added 4-5 new sites in my favorites that I haven’t made links for.  *Sigh*

I had planned to post aboot the Memorial Day weekend but I’ve waited so long that it’s a  bit fuzzy.  Could be the amount of beer I ingested.  I vaguely recall helping PD move the gas grill from the porch to the garage.  We’d built a little brick patio for it and it’s not quite finished.  But I love having the extra space on the porch.

I also remember looking at the Moon through the telescope.  Was very cool.  Which reminds me, there is a Blue Moon tomorrow night (Thursday) which means that it’s the second full moon to occur in the month.  This won’t happen again until 2009.

I maybe should have posted a video or a list or something, huh. 

Oh, here is some news.  We’re going to NY on Friday to visit the JuJu Clan for the weekend.  Saturday, weather permitting, our plan is to go to Niagara Falls.  I haven’t been there in a few years and am looking forward to it. 

Ok.  Goodnight.  It is now officially one hour past my bedtime.

9 responses to “REAL QUICK-LIKE

  1. Is JuJu still blogging?

  2. Niagara Falls, slowly I turned, step by step, inch by inch…

    I haven’t been there yet, maybe someday. It’s just a bunch of falling water, I don’t understand the big deal! 🙂

  3. I know that look well 😉

    Enjoy your trip and enjoy that blue moon. I had to look it up to refresh my memory on the detials. Apparently our definition of a blue moon is based on an error in an old issue of Sky and Telescope magazine. The truth is much more complex, but by the time folks realized the error…this definition was part of the common vernacular…so they rolled with it.

    Also interesing…tomorrow’s blue moon is only a blue moon in the Western Hemisphere since it will already be June in the Eastern when the moon is full. They get their blue moon on June 30.

  4. Lori, JuJu has not quit blogging, despite the apparent negligence thereof. Chalk it up to the fact that the three kids are keeping her incredibly busy and that their computer is now in the basement and not off the kitchen as it was in their old house.
    Jeff, hee hee. Glad to see you’re feeling better
    MG, thanks for all this information. You made me curious to read further on the subject.
    Do all of us bloggers get “the look” from our spouses???

  5. Okay, I’ll keep checking in. Thanks.

  6. my god, i had no idea about the blue moon. see, you totally should’ve posted about it weeks ago so i would have been informed 🙂

    and YES, GOD YES i get the “look” and it also makes me feel 14. but i’m not and i can totally flip him off. WOO HOO

  7. Piglet, turns out it was overcast and raining last night so I didn’t get to enjoy it…
    lol about your “look.” I might try that next time. Oh, and there will be a next time…

  8. I know someone who doesn’t know how to identify whining either…

  9. BD, And um, uh, who might that be???
    And how the heck are you anyway?

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