Some people are really negligent aboot posting.  But then when they do, it was worth the wait…

17 responses to “PIMPIN’ OUT

  1. It was worth it to me.


  2. Seems like it goes in cycles and it is so weird that many I read are on a hiatus of sorts…I guess things get busy in the spring and that could be part of it.

  3. I commented on all these and seems they went *poof* in the night. I’ll come back tomorrow…

  4. Alvis, yeah 🙂 The story behind La La- Often on Mark’s and Si’s sites they lose me or I say goofy things. I started using La La Linda for those times. It’s stored in my user names and sometimes it decides to leave comments when I’m not paying attention…

    Mark, she got the witties in the family…

    Mishka, Hi! Yeah. I’ve been posting more often but only because after all the yard work and Spring chores, I’m too exhausted to do anything besides sit here on my duff and type.

  5. I never thought my big sis would be my pimp. HA!
    Thanks for the shout out.

    Oh, and the witties………yeah, I got the other things too that rhyme with that. HA!

  6. Hazel, anytime. You’re quite welcome. It’s still funny. I think you should post about how many times you married Ronnie Snyder, that would be cool.

    The rhyming… Now I would have expected that of Mark (ben’s pop), maybe… but not you! I guess that explains why you’ve got more witties than I do. ;-Þ

  7. My witties are bigger than you witties.

  8. Hazel, I’m not even going to honor this with a response. Mostly because it just dawned on me that you’ve been dying to say that for, well, maybe forever. And to the entire world. Well. I hope that makes you feel superior.


  9. I actually would trade my witties for you witties. I don’t like ’em big. I am jealous of your witties.

  10. Hazel. For gawdsake, as often as I have wished or would have enjoyed initiating a commentary here with you, I’d never imagined that it would actually have occurred on this subject…
    Just goes to show you… something. I’m not sure what.

    you forgot *your*

    Love you, Sis!

  11. what the hell is up with that damn “R”?????

  12. After 3 kids, I’d take either one of your witties over mine.

  13. Ju, oh, don’t you start…

    (notice how I did that html All by Myself 🙂

  14. I would certainly take 29 year old witties even after three kids over 49 year old witties after two kids.

  15. Hazel and Ju, I’d be a fool to pass up the opportunity to leave this discussion up to the two of you. I’m outta here… Besides, I’m all wittied-out.

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