You  know, I can’t decide what works better for me.  Starting the day off like this, or ending my day like I just did.

I got showered and looked at the clock and realized another half an hour wouldn’t totally jeopardize my sleep time and make me a bear at work tomorrow.  So I grabbed my favorite down-filled throw (thanks, Ju) and popped in my Waterbone ~ Tibet cd and turned it up just loud enough that I could hear the haunting melodies wafting through the open window out onto the back porch.  My comfy swing awaited.

The air was just a little chilly but it smelled sweet from freshly cut grass and spring flowers.  The Moon was shining down brightly onto the porch.  PD was lugging his telescope out to get a better look.  (This was my birthday gift to him and seems to be developing into his new hobby.)  The traffic sounded miles away and was replaced by the sound of water rushing in the neighbors’ fountain next door.  Tibet was a perfect choice.

I sat there, slowly swinging back and forth, feeling the cool night air brush across my face.  I studied the Moon for a bit, which was surrounded by a pale yellow haze.  I felt all the craziness, the demands and pressures of my day just melt away and I was filled with a comforting, peaceful, sated feeling that brought a smile to my lips.

Life can get you in a spin and sometimes the crazy threatens to overtake but quiet nights- and mornings- on my back porch are two things I wouldn’t care to trade.

11 responses to “BREATHE IN, BREATHE OUT

  1. amen sista, love those times. like sweet honey fresh off a bee’s ass.

  2. Piglet, yeah, what you said 🙂

  3. I can’t think of a better comparison than piglet’s, but yeah, those times are worth waaay much more than a measely half hour of sleep.

  4. Lovely. Just lovely. Glad you got out there, and that you shared. Reminds me of living where I could do the same.

  5. You have a back porch? We don’t even have a back yard! The price you pay for getting into new construction around here.
    I have a front porch, but as I mentioned earlier, I really don’t get to enjoy it. You would think that as much time as I spend on the go that I was some sort of captain of industry but alas, I am just a peon in the great game of life.

  6. Thank you so much for sharing the moment with us. You set the scene quite vividly.

    Piglet – I may be wrong here…but I think bees vomit the honey. So I’m not sure exactly what you’re eating from the other end 😉

  7. Sounds nice and soothing. I love being outside more than anything.

  8. I too love spending mornings and evenings on my balcony. What sucks for me though is that I don’t have a real porch with a roof. 😦

    BTW…….bee pooh and puke….ew.

  9. Si, Agreed.

    Mark, I can’t imagine living where I couldn’t. I would (more) surely be insane.

    Jeff, you are cordially invited to come and sit on my porch with us. Beer’s on me.

    Mokker, thanks for the apian info. 😉

    TC, there was supposed to be a T-storm tonight, but it’s 11pm and all is dry and calm. I’m with you, I would love to camp in my backyard all summer. My chiropractor would love that too…

    Hazel, yeah, you gotta watch out for them effin’ birds.

  10. Sounds like the perfect scene and the perfect situation.

    I could use some of that peace right now.

  11. Alvis, it was good, and continues to be. I try very hard to start and end my day, just. like. that. 🙂
    You’re giving kisses to that yiddle baby for me, aren’t you? xxx
    Um, btw, you missed a “William Every Monday” post yesterday… 😦

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